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Enchanting Local Flowers

Denpasar Municipality Facilitates Flower Growers

Enchanting Local Flowers Denpasar Municipality Facilitates Flower GrowersWhen local flowers such as gardenia, marigold and cockscomb flowers are nicely arranged they will be able to yield a beautiful bouquet. It is suitable for decoration or wedding flower arrangement. And most importantly, the creativities of making local flower arrangements are capable of producing rupiahs. It is what Didon Kajeng carried out doubling as coordinator of the Floral Jempiring Denpasar.

The Floral Jempiring is the idea of Mayor Rai Mantra to establish an organization accommodating the local flower farmers, especially in the city of Denpasar. This organization also serves as a training institution for flower arrangement currently capable of producing creative products. “Local flowers should not be underestimated. When creatively arranged, this floral product will be able to become the host in Bali, such as in the wedding celebration as well as international and local big celebration,” said Didon Kajeng when met at the Institute of Agricultural Extension (BPP), Wednesday (Jul 16).

Various imported flowers presented in Bali make local flowers began shifting. Actually, local flowers have exotic value if they are arranged together beautifully. For example, when neem flowers are arranged with other local flowers will be capable of yielding a creative work that can draw public interest. “Sometimes people who see the local flower arrangement do not think if the local flowers also have their own exotic value,” said the man who lives on Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, Padangsambian Klod village, West Denpasar subdistrict.

Didon Kajeng said the potential of local flowers was very great. Moreover, the rapid hotel development used many imported flowers. “It is the challenge for local farmers to increase their agricultural productivity. Farmers must be able to prepare a more consistent product so that they do not lack of supply in keeping the market demand. We can follow the example of farmers overseas that are very consistent in maintaining their products,” said Didon Kajeng whose local flower arrangements were used to welcome the visit of the U.S. President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush.

In addition to be marketed in several hotels and wedding activities on the island, Didon admitted that he also received many orders from some state officials as well as national and international artists. Associated with the marketing, he also claimed not to dare to take overseas market due to very high production. “I often called on farmers to plant more local flowers, so as to further improve the agricultural productivity of local flowers,” he said.

He used to utilize local flowers and combined them with some of local trees like aerial roots, palm fruits and leaves of sugar palm tree and they were able to provide the image of international touch. The work of his flower arrangement was usually sold for the range of IDR 250,000 to IDR 5,000,000.

The Head of Denpasar Food Crops and Horticulture Agency, Gede Putra Ambara, said the flower arrangement training institute was the only one in Bali. Any groups wishing to learn could attend the training of flower arrangement at this location. According to him, the emergence of the idea on the flower arrangement training was responding to the potential of local flowers in the city of Denpasar that had not been used optimally. The institute was the follow-up of the idea of the Chairperson of Motivator Team of PKK Denpasar Municipality, Mrs. IA Selly Dharmawijaya Mantra. “When organizing flower arrangement competition some time ago, people were keen to participate. With the presence of the training institute like this, they can learn better,” he said. (BTN/015)

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