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Japan Society Confers Forest Conservation Donation

Cooperation of TSI, Gunma Safari Park Japan and Directorate General of PHKA

Japan Society Confers Forest Conservation DonationJapanese society is very concerned about forest conservation and development of biodiversity in Indonesia. Through President Director of the Gunma Safari Park (GSP) Japan, Takahashi Kunihiko, it handed over the donation for the conservation of Mangrove Information Center worth JPY 300,000 and the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park worth JPY 200,000. Symbolically, the handover of donations was carried out at the Mangrove Information Center, Saturday (Feb 8).

The whole entourage with the officials in Bali then performed greening and planted mangrove. Present in the activity were Frans Manansang Director of Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI), William Santoso General Manager of Bali Safari Marine Park, the Indonesian Ambassador in Tokyo, representatives of Mangrove Forest Management Center (BPHM), Bali Forestry Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia as well as a number of local officials of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA).

Frans Manansang said that the TSI and GSP Japan had teamed up since 2000. The collaboration showed an encouraging result. “It happens because the Indonesian Ambassador in Tokyo, Sumadi Brotodiningrat, always plays a role in contributing through the activity of planting and conservation of wildlife in a variety of places in Indonesia,” he said.

The TSI once held an Indonesian Festival in the GSP Japan as a platform to introduce Indonesian culture and biodiversity. Besides, it also introduced the animals as the results of breeding made by the TSI. “Japanese society welcomes the activity incredibly so that it can become an annual event,” he said.

Meanwhile, Takahashi Kunihiko said that when organizing such an event the GSP always provided a charity box as a form of Japanese public concern about the environment, Indonesia’s biodiversity and the ecosystems. “Hopefully, the contribution in the form of funds could benefit the conservation programs in Indonesia,” he said.

The yields obtained from the charity box, affirmed Takahashi Kunihiko, became a kind of awareness of Japanese society through the GSP to the conservation effort made by Indonesian community through tree planting and reforestation activity. “The delivery of donation for conservation and reforestation has been carried out since 2002 located at the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park - Bodogol, at Way Kambas National Park - Lampung, as well as at some other places,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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