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Pacto Ltd. And U.S. Travelers run CSR program at SDN 3 Baturiti

Pacto Ltd. And  U.S. Travelers run CSR program at   SDN 3 BaturitiA total of 87 U.S. travelers travelling Around the World on a private jet conducted a social activity by handing over donation to students of SDN 3 Baturiti elementary school on Wednesday (Oct 10). The social action was organized by Bali Prima Holiday Tour, a subsidiary of Pacto Ltd.

SDN 3 Baturiti is one of the four elementary schools at Baturiti village located at Bangah hamlet established on August 1, 1965. At the moment, it accommodates 79 students from two hamlets, namely the Bangah and Luang hamlet, where their parent mostly work as farmers and laborers, so that economically they are categorized into relatively indigent. Therefore, any assistance from the government and donors are highly required for the advancement of education at the village.

Director of Operational and Business Development of Pacto Ltd. Umberto Cadamuro accompanied by Branch Manager Rika Larasati on the occasion said that as a travel agency growing and developing in Bali, Pacto Ltd. periodically engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs .

" we always suggest to our clients to share with people who cannot afford, whereas this becomes the real highlight of their visit. This year this U.S. Group of wealthy travelers agrred to make a visit to provide support and donation in SDN 3 Baturiti, Tabanan," said Umberto Cadamuro.

According to him, beside providing the best services to incoming travelers, Pacto Ltd. And its subsidiary companies alway suggest CSR program to the incoming travelers. Through the program travelers coming to Bali would not only enjoy the natural beauty of the Island of the Gods, but also share happiness with others."As the leading travel agent in Indonesia. We do not only aim to increase revenues and profits, but also attempt to share joy" he revealed.

He explained that travelers getting involved in the social activity at SDN 3 Baturiti started their journey by visiting Batukaru temple, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace ( the World Cultural Heritage under UNESCO) and SDN 3 Baturiti . From here, the journey was resumed to Bedugul for lunch while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Bedugul by driving 35 old VW Safari vehicles.

Assistance provided to the students of SDN 3 Baturiti including school supplies, uniforms and cash was directly received by 79 students from grade I to VI and accompanied by local Principal Ni Nyoman Sariati, Subdistrict Supervisor Made Arsana and Chairman of the School Committee Ketut Sudarta. The presence of travelers on that occasion was greeted with Panyembrahma Dance and angklung bamboo gamelan. Those travelers interacted with the students posing the residents from two hamlets namely the Bangah and Luang and looked so familiar. By all means, their holiday in Bali was really

"Aside from conducting a social action, the travelers from the United States will also take various activities on the last day of his holiday such as rafting, cooking class and a cultural dinner. In the future, we hope there will be more and more travelers and travel agencies in Bali in particular and Indonesia in general adding CSR program into their itinerary in Bali," revealed Rika Larasati

Meanwhile, Ni Nyoman Rai Sariati entrusted to fill the position of Principal of the SDN 3 Baturiti since 2002 expressed her sincere gratitude to those U.S. travelers for their assistance in the form of school supplies. She hoped what they provided would be beneficial for her parties. In the future, she hoped more donors were willing to share for continuation of the education so that it could reduce the dropout rate and complete the nine-year the compulsory education program.

"Currently SDN 3 Baturiti is taught by 8 teachers, where 7 of them are women. As a matter of fact, we still lack of teaching staff. Through this opportunity, we expect the government to add teachers and improve the infrastructure and facilities existing here for the betterment of education," hoped Sariati (BTN/014)

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