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Thai Airways Make a Visit to Bali Travel News

Thai Airways Make a Visit to Bali Travel NewsSecretary to the General Manager of Thai Airways International Company Limited, Ni Komang Sri Y, made a visit to the editor of Bali Travel News (BTN), Friday (Mar 28). The presence of this beautiful flawless woman was received by I Nyoman Budarsana with staff. During the visit, Lia as she was familiarly greeted wanted to know about the programs of the BTN that could be synergized with the programs owned by Thai Airways. It was especially related to the social programs that could be beneficial for the people of Bali as well as build the Island of the Gods into a major tourist destination of the world.

Alluding to the cleanup activity regularly held by the BTN through the program of Tri Hita Karana Nugraha, Lia admitted to be very supportive. Even, her party would take part even though the number of employees could be counted on fingers and had a high bustles. “We want to strengthen the cooperation between Thai Airways and Bali Travel News as that has been done before,” she said. (BTN/015)

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