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The 242nd Anniversary of Gianyar Town Graced with a Month Long Festive Arts

The 242nd Anniversary of Gianyar Town Graced with a Month Long Festive ArtsAPPARENTLY, it will not be an exaggeration if the Gianyar County is referred to as the region of the arts. As evidence, every event organized by the county neighboring with the Denpasar, Badung and Bangli never lacks of the works of art. It has various arts ranging from the dance, gamelan music, painting to handicraft that has won a global appeal. Even, every event can always result in some innovative works without forgetting the old ones.

Festive arts will happen to the 242nd anniversary of Gianyar town falling on April 19, 2013. Various art activities will be held to entertain the community and to introduce the potential of the arts owned by Gianyar. “Gianyar is the region of the arts. Then, it has been appropriate if we show off our best new arts and preserve the old-fashioned arts,” said the Regent of Gianyar, Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata.
The Anniversary of Gianyar town taking the theme “Leading to Good Gianyar’ will display the art envoys of Gianyar County to be appearing on the Bali Arts Festival 2013 such as the adult, women and children Gong Kebyar and the others. Not only that, the ancient dances such as Nandir Dance (ancient Legong) from Taro village and Human Puppet of Sebatu village, Tegallalang will also be introduced to general public.

Implementation of the anniversary takes place for 29 days (April 2-30) and is filled with various innovative activities. Entertainment like the drama gong, ballet, pop music, music concert, rindik gamelan music, orchestras and theater performances also take turns to entertain the public. A variety of typical cuisines and handicrafts of Gianyar are displayed during the event. Meanwhile, at the peak of the event will be jazzed up with colorful fireworks.

Acting Regional Secretary of Gianyar County, IB Gaga Adisaputra, said that in the series of the anniversary would also be held a seminar on the Ogoh-Ogoh (papier mâché demon). The seminar would discuss and explore the religious, social and cultural relevance to the ogoh-ogoh. “The results of the seminar will be used as guidelines for the implementation of the four abstinences on the Nyepi celebration,” he said.
Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Gianyar, I Made Mahayastra, said the government was committed to highlight the traditional values, art and culture of Bali. Therefore, the regent wanted to raise the disappeared culture, develop the existing culture and innovate to create the ones. “The government has done promotion so that it can be achieved in 2016,” he said. In the third year, it would be made the more grandiose and international parade followed by developing the existing arts, finalizing the existing arts and then creating the new ones. “Regent of Gianyar has planned to allocate as much as IDR 60 billion for the implementation of the cultural parade across the subdistrict in 2016,” he said. Meanwhile, the First Assistant to Regional Secretary of Gianyar County, Cokorda Rai Widiarsa P, said the implementation was almost the same as last year. Aside from displaying various arts, the event was also filled with social activities. (BTN/015)

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