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Wapa Ubud Resort and Spa Holding Melaspas, Mupuk Padagingan and Piodalan Ceremony

Wapa Ubud Resort and Spa Holding Melaspas Mupuk Padagingan and Piodalan CeremonyHaving renovated some villa buildings and other supporting facilities, the management of Wapa Ubud Resort and Spa organized an inauguration ceremony, mendem pedagingan and piodalan or temple anniversary at the Padmasana shrine of Wapa Ubud Resort and Spa on Jalan Suweta, Bentuyung, Ubud, Gianyar. It was coinciding with black moon of the eight month in Balinese calendar or Sunday (Feb 10). The ritual procession involved all the employees and management, Waka di Ume Resort and Spa, senior figure of Ubud Palace, tourism stakeholders and chief of customary village in Ubud. The whole series of ceremonies was officiated over by Ida Pedanda Selat Duda accompanied with sacred dance such as Rejang Dance, Baris Dance and Mask Dance.

Owner of the Waka di Ume Resort and Spa, Wayan Pasek, said the melaspas, mendem pedagingan and piodalan were also held in a series of the branding launch of Wapa di Ume where it was previously incorporated under the Waka management through Waka di Ume for nearly 17 years. “After 17 years in operation, based on consideration and agreement of the Waka management, the Waka di Ume was spun off and established an independent management under the name of Wapa in Ume. In principle, there was no change in the concept difference. When the name changed the concept of spa and traditional resort is still maintained in the Wapa di Ume Resort and Spa spreading across the area of two hectares with star-hotel services,” Pasek said.

Meanwhile, Ni Ketut Atmasari, Sales & Marketing Manager of Wapa Di Ume, added that with the eighteen villas available in rural atmosphere, surrounded by rice fields and not less than 2 km from the hustle and bustle of Ubud tourist destination, the property remained to become an attraction to tourists coming and staying there. “What we have given to tourists staying here has made them satisfied. We can see from the high repeater guests reaching 20 percent other than length of they stay reaching 4 days and 3 nights. Wapa di Ume provides relaxation concept equipped with a yoga, spa and wedding room and these features make us one of the demanded hotels in Ubud chiefly by tourists from Australia, Europe and Asia,” added Atma. (BTN/14)

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