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Art & Cultural

Lakshmi Pooja at Shankara Resto

Lakshmi Pooja at Shankara RestoThe Sunday Market (June 14) at Shankara Resto Sanur, was enlivened by Kadek Suambara from the Ambar Ashram. The topic featured was how to become healthy, wealthy and happy. Suambara explained that our body requires health, the mind wants to be rich and the soul desires happiness.

Mental suffering can cause one to become irritable, touchy, suspicious, anxious and uneasy and can also cause excessively worry, fear without apparent reason, hesitation in making decisions and other such afflictions. Suambara also explained about laughter therapy. He said that when we laugh, there are vibrations occurring that cause weak cells or nerves to become stronger or produce new cells. In addition, laughing is basically exhaling and thus removes carbon dioxide so that the body becomes lighter.


Adult Gong Kebyar Parade of BAF 2015

Envoy of Denpasar Presents ‘Coronation of Bharata’  

Adult Gong Kebyar Parade of BAF 2015  1The 37th Bali Arts Festival (BAF) 2015 on the Parade of Adult Gong Kebyar presented the envoy of Denpasar and Bangli, Sunday (Jun. 21). It was held at the Ardha Candra Open Stage of Denpasar Art Center. Each envoy was supported by its leader, namely Denpasar by Mayor I.B. Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra and Bangli by Regent Wayan Gianyar.

Swadharmita Gamelan Troupe of Cerancam hamlet, Kesiman village, East Denpasar represented Denpasar and envoy of Bangli came with various kinds of properties. They respectively presented Teruna Jaya Dance, creation gamelan composition, creation dance and fragmentary show. Envoy of Denpasar put on attires of endek clothes combined with white color.


Rejang Legong: a dance presentation of angels to Gods

Rejang LegongIt has become a tradition for Jasri customary villagers of Karangasem to present various dances like the Rejang, Abuang and Legong in Bale Agung temple. These sacred dances are part of a ritual series known as Meprani in conjunction with the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan feast day. All villagers present pekenak to Ulun Busali deity as venerated gods in Bale Agung temple.

According to Chief of Jasri customary village, I Nyoman Sutirtayasa, the Rejang, Abuang and Legong dance symbolized the sacrifice and an expression of gratitude for the abundance of worldly endowment to deities who would return to Java Island. “These dances are meant to entertain and please the deities because it is believed when returning to Java they will bestow graces of prosperity. On that account, it will give the source of life for Balinese people,” he said.


Playing spinning top, expression of gratitude for abundant crops

Playing spinning top expression of gratitude for abundant  cropsResidents of the four Dalem Tamblingan customary villages; Munduk, Gobleg, Gesing and Uma Jero in the subdistrict of Banjar, have all maintained a particular part of their customary heritage. It is known as megangsing or spinning top games. The top spinning games are commonly organized as a competition among villages and serve to express their gratitude for the success of the clove or coffee harvests in these four villages.


Performing arts students from ISI Denpasar - beautiful final exam

Performing arts students from ISI Denpasar - beautiful final examFor their final projects, 82 art students from the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar, performed unique and attractive creations over five days (May 27-31) on campus. These performances expressed the identity of each artist and featured not only movements beautiful but also skillfully chosen costumes that represented the attributes of the various characters presented.


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