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Art & Cultural

Piodalan at Furama Villas & Spa Ubud

Reflection of Tri Hita Karana

Piodalan at Furama Villas  Spa UbudFurama Villas & Spa Ubud held a grandiose piodalan or temple anniversary and pecaruan (exorcism rite) at local hotel temple on Saturday (Jan 5). The spiritual activities held in early 2015 aimed to clean up the hotel area from negative influences. Likewise it was also meant to reinforce the mind of the workers. “Comfortable workplace and strong mental will create a good work ethic,” said Resort Manager of the Furama Villas & Spa, Wayan Sumandia.

Five days before the main activity, it was started with cleanup work and preparation of ritual paraphernalia. After that, it was resumed with the installation of shrine clothes and erection of penjor and decorating all the temples and shrines in the resort neighborhood. It was also prepared Balinese delicacies and continued with gebogan competition among the existing departments. As peak of the ritual was the worship officiated over by Ida Pedanda from Griya Bongkasa at 4:00 p.m.


In Bangli, Gandrung Dance No Longer Favored

In Bangli Gandrung Dance No Longer FavoredIn the year 1950s, the Gandrung Dance was much loved by rural communities. Even, it became a favorite art for men. Unfortunately, the dance usually performed by female dancers had a chance to experience a bleak period, when the other kinds of art developed. “We have revived this noble art,” said Mrs. Erik Gianyar, the initiator of mass Gandrung Dance performed on Mother’s Day, last week.

In this case, the wife of Bangli Regent Made Gianyar held public figures of Pengotan customary village, where the dance had existed. His party also involved in person the former dancers. “Due to these figures, the Gandrung Dance can be seen again,” she said.


A Thousand Masks Parade Will Enliven the 7th Denpasar Festival

A Thousand Masks Parade Will Enliven the 7th Denpasar FestivalDenpasar Festival starting on December 28, 2014 and having entered the seventh year of implementation is designed as different event from previous years. At the opening, it will feature a carnival of 1,000 characters of masks involving the traditional and modern masks. Besides, there will be a presentation entitled Tapak Dara Maha Somya centered at the area of Catur Muka Statue of Denpasar, the ideal position of cross or central intersection.

These four directions of the compass will be filled with the four dance divisions, where from the north direction there will be Jauk Dance, Telek Dance from south direction, Baris Dance from east direction and Barong Dance from the west. “The festival is made different from the previous year with reference to the space of creativity and educational activities for the community,” said the Head of the Economic Affairs of the Denpasar Regional Secretariat, Made Saryawan, recently.


Temple Anniversary at Grand Ixora Hotel

Temple Anniversary at Grand Ixora HotelThere is something unique at the piodalan or temple anniversary at the Grand Ixora Hotel on Saturday (Dec 6). At the moment, it was inserted a tektekan art tradition, cockfight and other religious activities. The temple anniversary at the Grand Ixora fell on full moon of the sixth month in Balinese calendar (December).

General Manager of the Grand Ixora, I Gusti Ngurah Wiarsa, said the temple anniversary of this time was different from the previous year as a lot of special things were held for the first time. “Many traditional activities became value-added to the event. The traditions turn unique because each has a mythology as in the belief inherited by local community so far,” he said.


The Renowned Legong of Peliatan, Ubud

The Renowned Legong of Peliatan UbudPopularity of the Legong Dance of Peliatan village, Ubud subdistrict, Gianyar, occurred in the 1920s remains to last to date. The community of Peliatan village becoming the main supporter persistently maintains the distinctiveness of the art. So, it is natural if endless flows of foreign travelers come to the international village just to witness the unique dance.

Peliatan village has become the center for the performance of Legong art. Even, almost every night the art is presented to entertain travelers with different kind of dances, venues and supporting art troupes. Peliatan customary village, Ubud, has about six Legong troupes that almost all of them compete to maintain its uniqueness.


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