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Art & Cultural

‘Kumbhakarna Gugur,’ Icon of Pejeng Village

Killing of Kumbhakarna Icon of Pejeng Village 1To revive the cultural heritage at Pejeng village, the Gianyar government in cooperation with the Soma Negara Grand Palace at Pejeng held an art show. It was organized at the palace by featuring classical art in the form of psalmody, shadow puppet, human puppet and Kecak Dance entitled ‘The Killing of Kumbhakarna.’


Kebo Iwa Oratorio Closes the NDF 2014

Kebo Iwa Oratorio Closes the NDF 2014 1The Nusa Dua Fiesta (NDF) XVII taking place for five days on October 10-14, 2014 has ended. Implementation of this event posed the commitment of the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) and all the owners of hotels, villas and other tourism facilities in the area for the benefit of the region and Indonesia in general. It was stated by IB Wirajaya, Director of the ITDC, in his speech at the closing of the NDF 2014 on Tuesday (Oct 14) read by Nyoman Cakra, the ITDC Director of Operations.


Mapag Toya Ritual, Invoke Rain to Overcome Drought

Mapag Toya Ritual Invoke Rain to Overcome DroughtProlonged drought this year has made farmers in Tabanan difficult to get water. To invoke the abundance of water, farmers in Tabanan held a mapag toya or fetch water ritual. It is a tradition of farmers conducted to invoke water in the East Selemadeg subdistrict taking place on Wednesday (Oct 15) at Bedugul Temple of Subak Aseman IV. The Regent of Tabanan, Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, was also present at the ceremony.

The ritual officiated over by Ida Begawan Sekar Taman from Jelijih, East Selemadeg, was the first held at subdistrict level. Meanwhile, for each subak had become a regular agenda and held each year before the planting season.


Tipat-Bantal War, a Unique Tradition at Kapal Village

Tipat-Bantal War a Unique Tradition at Kapal VillageWhen thrown at something, one will be definitely upset. Even, not a few are offended to result in revenge. However, this one is different where the local community throws tipat-bantal at each other while dancing merrily. Moreover, those exposed to the toss will dance following the music without any ambition or revenge.

It is a brief description on the tipat-bantal carried out by Kapal village, Mengwi subdistrict, Badung, Tuesday (Oct 14). This tradition is regularly held every year in Sasih Kapat, around September to October. This tradition is closely related to farming life of Kapal village implemented as an expression of gratitude to God for the abundant harvest at the village.


Sapi Gerumbungan: Traditional Cultural Attraction worth Knowing

Sapi Gerumbungan Traditional Cultural Attraction worth KnowingThe Sapi Gerumbungan or cow racing is cultural attraction as well a traditional game of farmers. This cow racing always attracts public attention of Buleleng and travelers. Indeed, it previously has faded out, but now the cow racing is virtually always given an opportunity by the Buleleng government in big events such as the anniversary of the town of Singaraja, the Lake Buyan Festival, the recent Lovina Festival and the Sail Indonesia.

In the Lovina Festival, for example, the cow racing parade was an event receiving special attention from the public in attendance. When the participants moved and made the attraction, dozens of photographers directed their camera to take a unique picture of the running and tastefully decorated cows.


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