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Activities: Selection of Jegeg-Bagus Badung 2015 (Friday, 22 May 2015 04:59)
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Food and Beverage: Junglefish Restaurant at Chapung SeBali Resort Ubud (Wednesday, 20 May 2015 07:41)
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Art & Cultural

Action of Denpasar Artists in the Peak of AACC

Action of Denpasar Artists in the Peak of AACC 1Attractive and stunning action art performance by the artists of Denpasar received applause from the public of the Flower City or Bandung and delegates of the 60th Asian-African Conference Commemoration, Saturday (Apr. 25). Performing arts in the peak of the AACC was indeed beautifully packaged in the form of cultural carnival entitled the Asian African Carnival 2015.


Festival of India in Indonesia

Stages Mahanayak Garuda to Deepen Fraternity

Festival of India in IndonesiaStrains of music with typical rhythm begin to be heard. Steps of the dancers are in tune with the sound of jingling bracelets. Sometimes they heave tenderly and slowly but also stomp very strongly. The movements seem interesting because they are accompanied with the sound of drums. The costumes do not only serve as decoration, but also as a property that is often played by the dancer.

It is the presentation of the Indian dance in the Festival of India in Indonesia, which was held at Taman Ayun tourist attraction, Mengwi village, Badung County, Monday (May 4). The presentation was performed by reliable dancers and musicians from Sangeet Natak Academy, National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama, New Delhi.


ISI Celebrates World Dance Day

ISI Celebrates World Dance DayThis is the way made by the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar to celebrate the World Dance Day. As a college producing the artists, especially dancers, the ISI Denpasar held an academic seminar and performance of the arts for a whole day, Wednesday (Apr. 29). The art action took place livelily and involved the artists and general public.

The seminar was organized in the morning at the Citta Kelangen Hall of the ISI. It presented the topics “The Dance Serves as Regional and National Cultural Heritage” by Dr. I Gede Arya Sugiartha, “The Dance Serves as a Means of Spiritual Ascent” by Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana and the “the Dance Serves as the Option of Life and Profession” by Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dibia.


Rite of Maha Bajra Sandi at Jagaraga

Rite of Maha Bajra Sandi at Jagaraga 1Celebration of the Saraswati Day and the National Education Day at Jagaraga village, Sawan subdistrict, Buleleng, is very unique. Dozens of children from the Maha Bajra Sandi institute presented a cultural rite containing aesthetic value as well philosophy. The art was staged in the courtyard of the Dalem Segara Madu Temple at Jagaraga, Saturday (May 2).

The little artists displayed their creative and thrilling attractions. They presented an art without boundaries. They are both musicians and dancers. Originally they appeared as musicians, suddenly danced and then sang to strengthen the intent and idea to be conveyed.

Although it was interspersed by drizzles from the afternoon, dozens of children and teenagers with a happy face showed their great talent in dancing and playing gamelan music. The cultural rite called Mahaprajnya Saraswati poses an event used to give a meaning to the National Education Day celebrated on May 2, 2015 and seventy years of the Indonesian Independence.


Pasemaya a Hinduism-inspired Cultural Event

Pasemaya a Hinduism-inspired Cultural EventThis is the way how the students of the Faculty of Dharma Acharya of the State Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) of Denpasar preserve the culture of Bali. Various types of competitions are held by involving younger generation ranging from the elementary, junior high, high school/vocational school to college students. “The competition is an effort to encourage young generation to remember and learn about the culture of Bali as the Balinese character from the past,” said Dr. I Nyoman Linggih, the Dean of the FDA amid the competition, Sunday (Apr. 12).


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