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Art & Cultural

Sapi Gerumbungan: Traditional Cultural Attraction worth Knowing

Sapi Gerumbungan Traditional Cultural Attraction worth KnowingThe Sapi Gerumbungan or cow racing is cultural attraction as well a traditional game of farmers. This cow racing always attracts public attention of Buleleng and travelers. Indeed, it previously has faded out, but now the cow racing is virtually always given an opportunity by the Buleleng government in big events such as the anniversary of the town of Singaraja, the Lake Buyan Festival, the recent Lovina Festival and the Sail Indonesia.

In the Lovina Festival, for example, the cow racing parade was an event receiving special attention from the public in attendance. When the participants moved and made the attraction, dozens of photographers directed their camera to take a unique picture of the running and tastefully decorated cows.


Lawangan Agung Temple

Lawangan Agung TempleLawangan Agung Temple is located at Ideran hamlet, Kayuputih village, Banjar subdistrict, Buleleng. This temple consists of three courtyards, namely the outermost, middle and innermost courtyard. When visiting the temple for the first time, visitors will see a row of stairs embellished with circular dragon statue on the right and left side.

Some buildings of the temple look to stand firmly with their respective role and function. In the main part of the Lawangan Agung Temple, there is a seven-tiered meru shrine as the abode of Lord Bentang Yudha. In other parts stand the shrine buildings including the taksu, kelik sari, gedong, kemulan agung, piasan, as well as the shrine as the abode of Jro Patih, Ida Bathara Nyoman Sakti Pengadangan and Ida Batara Made Jelawang.


IGBB Carried Out Ceremony in Manik Tirta Sar Temple

IGBB Carried Out Ceremony in Manik Tirta Sar TempleInna Grand Bali Beach (IGBB) had ceremony in Manik Tirta Sari Temple which is located in the hotel compound. The ceremony was held on September 13 which was also the Tumpek Wayang Day. The ceremony joined by all staffs and hotel management. As a part of the ceremony, IGBB also carried out cleansing and purifying the sacred items of the hotels such as Pratima and Pralingga. The items were taken to the sea as the symbol of purification. After that, continued by praying together. The ceremony was held to commemorate the establishment of the temple and also to express gratitude and ask from peaceful life.(BTN/ocha)


Barong Dance Performance at Kaleran Palace, Peliatan

Barong Dance Performance at Kaleran Palace PeliatanFor foreign tourists wishing to see Barong Dance, just come to the Balerung Stage of Kaleran Palace. It is situated at Teruna hamlet, Peliatan village, Ubud, Gianyar. To reach this location, travelers will take approximately 45 minutes by car or motorcycle. The performance presented by the Semara Pegulingan Tirta Sari gamelan troupe is known as the Barong Taru Pramana Dance. Tirta Sari is one of the popular dancer and musician groups at Peliatan. It was founded by the famous dancer and choreographer (the late) AA Gede Mandera at Kaleran Palace in 1978. It has made many recordings and traveled over the world such as Japan, the United States, Russia and many more.


Puputan Badung Festival and Mahabandana Prasada

Puputan Badung Festival and Mahabandana PrasadaA combination of cultural performance entitled Mahabandana Prasada and Puputan Badung Festival (FPB) was packaged very nicely. The community of Tainsiat, Dangin Puri Kaja, North Denpasar subdistrict, organizing the art presentation began with the procession of Keris Dagger of Puputan Badung and psalmody palm-leaf manuscript entitled Cokorde Mantuk Ring Rana accompanied by Rejang Dewa Dance.
Keris Dagger of the Puputan Badung was then placed by the King of Denpasar IX Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan, while Mayor of Denpasar, IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra set fire to the torch marking the opening of the Puputan Badung Festival and Mahabandana Prasada at the central intersection of Cokorda Mantuk Ring Rana Statue, Saturday (Sep 20).


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