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Art & Cultural

The sound of the Kempul

Inspiration for the Baris Jangkang dance at Pelilit Village

The sound of the KempulBaris Jangkang is a sacred dance inspired by the sound of the kempul, which is performed at religious ceremonies and for ritual purposes in Nusa Penida sub-district. The dance is inspired by the sound of the kempul.  Baris Jangkang has been known in Nusa Penida for many years and is performed at every village in the region. The dance was performed recently at Pelilit traditional village, Pejukutan, Nusa Penida, on the piodalan or temple birthday at Trinity Temple.  


Ratu Gede Effigy in Belgium

Ratu Gede Effigy in BelgiumProbably only a few people know that in Belgium there is a complete temple along with its effigies (tapakan). The Shanti Bhuana Temple in Belgium—the largest Balinese Hindu temple in Europe—has Ratu Gede effigy comprising the barong, two pieces of rangda and celuluk. All of them are the works of Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati. Their existence increases the magical value of the temple established in 2009. Currently, Tjokorda Gde Raka, Sukawati familiarly called Cok De, is focusing on carving a piece of wood to be used for making a barong effigy. The effigy made from frangipani wood will be enthroned at one of the temples in Gianyar.


Decorative Buggy Competition

Decorative Buggy CompetitionJust like a bride, a total of 50 buggies were beautifully and gorgeously embellished. The quadruped was given various unique trinkets and accessories so that they looked different. They were starting from the ornament made from young coconut leaf to Balinese ornaments so that they were very elegant and sweet.
It was the competition of creative and decorative buggy to enliven the 227th anniversary of Denpasar City at the Puputan Badung or I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung Square, Sunday (Feb. 22). The competition released by the Head of Denpasar Transportation Agency, I Gede Astika, was thronged by myriad people enthusiastically wishing to watch the competition. (BTN/015)


Ngebek Widhi at Penataran Pucak Mangu

Invoking Fertility and Increasing Crops  

Ngebek Widhi at Penataran Pucak ManguAs an expression of devotion and gratitude to God who has been bestowed welfare for universe, especially the fertility of plants at subak area, people organized a ceremony known as ngebek widhi at Penataran Pucak Mangu Temple, Tinggan village, Petang subdistrict, Tuesday (Feb 3). This ceremony was regularly held once a year coinciding with full moon in February. Other than attended by pilgrims from local village, it was also attended by Deputy Regent of Badung, I Made Sudiana, with Regional Secretary of Badung government, Kompyang R. Swandika and others.


Melaspas Ceremony at Double Six Luxury Hotel

Melaspas Ceremony at Double Six Luxury HotelDouble Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak organized melaspas or inauguration ceremony on full moon, Monday (Feb 2). The ceremony taking place at the local hotel was attended by the owner Made Wiranatha and family, General Manager, Corporate Management, the entire hotel staff and invitees.

Peak of the ceremony held on the second day was officiated over by Ida Pedanda Gde Made Jelantik Karang from Griya Budakeling, Karangasem. On the same day, it was also held the ceremony of rishi gana, mendem pedagingan, ngenteg linggih and padudusan agung. Corporate Sales & Public Relations of Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak, Dayu Basmiari, revealed the purpose of the ceremony was to purify the shrines and hotel buildings. “This hotel has been in operation for seven months in which currently the buildings and shrines have been totally accomplished,” she said on the sidelines of the event.


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