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Bali Kids Festival to Encourage Creativity

Bali Kids Festival to Encourage CreativityChildhood is very beautiful, sportive and attractive. Each activity does not only foster an attitude of togetherness, sometimes it also leads to positive competition spurring the creativity. It is a brief illustration of the old days of children featured again through the Rare Bali Festival or Bali Kids Festival. This cultural event was held at the Penggak Men Mersi House of Culture, Denpasar for three days (Aug 7-9).

Thousands of elementary school (SD) and High School (SMP) students looked to perform a variety of cultural activities cheerfully. Some were playing, dancing, beating, drawing, telling story, plaiting klakat (bamboo ritual platform) and preparing oblations. At the beginning of the activities, children performed a cultural parade taking place at the intersection of Kesiman.

This parade was more innovative because it involved more than 1,200 children. The arts displayed were in the form of traditional games by engaging dance studios and schools in Denpasar. Uniquely, this parade also presented five types of barong ngelawang or street show with different materials. They included the barong made from the materials like straw, dried banana leaf, endek clothes, young palm leaf and young coconut leaf. All kinds of the barong were worked on by children.

Similarly, the event was graced with kids costume parade by the blind and the deaf who walked hand in hand accompanied by the marching band. Then, there was a parade of antique car presenting the gymnastics of Tunas Bangsa entrusted to be the character building. After that, it was resumed with the parade of archipelagic costume and ended with the appearance of bleganjur gamelan music and drum band. At night, the event was filled with art performance that also involved children with disabilities.
During the festival took place, various children activities were showed and introduced to wider community. It was also completed with a workshop on family medicinal plants and herbal drink, film screening by the Child Protection Commission (KPA) in accordance with the integrity prevention program, photo exhibition, painting exhibition by children in the city of Denpasar.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Kadek Wahyudita, said that concept of the event was festival by involving children of kindergarten, elementary school (SD) and junior high school. “The festival is designed to become a means of communication for children to get to know each other, regardless of differences in terms of social status, fortune and shortage and it is open to all children, whether they are rich, poor, orphans and those with disabilities and autism.

The activities supported by the Denpasar Municipality utilized several venues, namely the Penggak Men Mersi House of Culture, Kesiman Grand Palace, Bindu River at Kesiman and Lingkar Photography. (BTN/015)

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