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Buleleng Festival Involves 3,000 Artists

Present Typical Culture of Buleleng  

Buleleng Festival Involves 3000 Artists. Present Typical Culture of BulelengThe Buleleng Festival (Bulfest), a cultural event organized in Northern Bali, was ascertained to take place festively. Approximately 3,000 traditional and national and even international artists were engaged in such first event. The event presenting a combination of the art, culture, education and social environment was held for three days (Aug 23 to 25). The festival opened by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jero Wacik, truly became a cultural extravaganza. All the traditional and modern art studios existing in Buleleng made their performance specifically. They were ranging from the dance, music, vocals and theater. The performing arts were commenced by the presentation of Teruna Jaya Dance en masse by involving 300 dancers. The dancers showed off their movement expression along the road from Jalan Ngurah Rai to the Singa Ambara Raja statue and Singaraja City Park.

A total of 2,000 skewers of satay had been prepared by the committee on the first day of the Bulfest. Location of the roasting was on Jalan Veteran Singaraja (zone of culinary market) with a 20-meter long grill. It showed off the evidence if the maritime potential of Buleleng was very good.
Exhibition of ancient painting presented the works of maestros from Buleleng whose original collections were stored in the Museum of the Netherlands. There were also cartoons and drawing competition for young painters. Meanwhile, craft exhibition featured the various handicraft works of the Buleleng County made of bamboo, metal, aluminum, wood, coconut shells, woven coconut leaf’s rib, weaving, leather puppets, fish skin, glass painting and endek clothes.

Children, adult and women gamelan troupe also appeared through the competition of the Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar. They showed off the typical gamelan music of Northern Bali, like the lelonggoran. Modern music performances also engaged the local and national artists. The event was filled with musicians from Buleleng such as Mr. Botax, Ayu Laksmi, Ketut Bimbo, Yong Sagita and others.
Meanwhile, various cuisines on display consisted of mengguh kedongkol, tuna skin crackers, jukut blook, fish satay, blayag sauce, konteng toffee, laklak, cerorot, egg bean, catfish brittle, catfish satay and meatballs, sudang lepet, jukut buangit, empol peyalin, snakefruit sprout, mengguh, turtle egg cake, sirat bendu, jukut ares, sudang lepet, jukut undis, lempog, and plengos ikan.

More interestingly, in the Bulfest event was also held the selection of Buleleng tourism girl. A total of 15 beautiful and smart girls had been provided with training on cultural tourism. These girls were nominees who had passed through the selection. The national singer Cinta Laura once asked to become the Ambassador of Buleleng Tourism early 2013 also served as a guest judge in the Tourism Girl Contest.
National designer from Buleleng, Gede Yudi Ardana Putra, explored the typical weaving treasures of Buleleng or known as Tenun Sinabun. The exploration was displayed and exhibited in the Bulfest. His best works were presented by experienced models from Buleleng.

A number of local art directors from Buleleng whose works had been recognized nationally, also had the opportunity to showcase their works. They were Putu Satria Kusuma, Gede Seen, Putu Wijaya Kusuma, and IGP Wiranegara. They showcased the documentary film as well as short films shown every day starting at 7:00 p.m. at the official residence of the regent of Buleleng. (BTN/015)

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