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Buleleng Festival

A Typical Cultural Extravaganza of Northern Bali

Buleleng Festival. A Typical Cultural Extravaganza of Northern BaliA cultural event entitled Buleleng Festival (Bulfest) will be held on August 23 to 25. This event will present a combination of the art, culture, education and social environment, which will lead Buleleng to the integration of conservation, creativity, innovation, promotion and branding of Buleleng.

Such cultural extravaganza will include the local arts, contemporary art, household industry, culinary tradition, literature and music. The event held by Buleleng County government aims to inflame the spirit of Buleleng as a source of cultural inspiration and creativity.

The Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, when launching the Bulfest at his official residence some time ago said that Bulfest was a creative effort to restore the great name of Buleleng in various fields such as the arts and culture, culinary tradition and craft. “When people are longing for culinary tradition, the arts and crafts in Buleleng, the Buleleng Festival is the right place to visit,” he said proudly.

Chairman of the Committee, Gede Suyasa, said the Bulfest activity would take place over three days by using some public facilities as well as the buildings as the venue of performance and exhibition. “The main stage is primarily focused on the area of Singa Ambara Raja statue symbolizing the greatness of Buleleng,” said Suyasa doubling as the Head of Buleleng Development Planning Board (Bappeda).

The attraction of the arts and exhibitions, explained Suyasa, gave more emphases to the concept of promotion of distinctive potential of Buleleng either in terms of culinary tradition, culture, crafts and the attractions that had never been shown off before. For example, there was the staging of Teruna Jaya Dance en masse by involving 300 dancers that would dance along the road section from Jalan Ngurah Rai to the Singa Ambara Raja statue and Singaraja City Park.

Other than drawing competition, the exhibition would also feature the old painting made by a maestro from Buleleng, namely Ketut Gede Pemerajan. The painting dated 1906 now stored in the Dutch Museum immortalized the daily life of Buleleng community at that time.

"The painting is brought by at Dutch scholar, Prof. Hedi Hinzler. In his laptop is stored hundreds of photo reproduction of the paintings belonging to Ketut Gede Pemerajan,” he said.

The Bulfest activity would turn more vibrant because the Buleleng Culture and Tourism Agency also held a contest entitled Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar. It would be organized on August 23-28 and served as a side event in the Bulfest. “Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar poses a unique art of Buleleng and this will feature the typical gamelan music of Northern Bali like lelonggoran,” said the Head of Buleleng Culture and Tourism Agency, Ketut Warkadea.

Meanwhile, Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, one of the committee members said that a variety of art activities would grace the annual event. Music performance by the artists from Buleleng would also jazz up the event such as Mr. Botax, Ayu Laksmi, Ketut Bimbo, Yong Sagita and some others.

Similarly, there would be cartoon contest with the theme “Buleleng is My Pride.” The participants involved consisted of high school and college students. In the meantime, the typical cuisines on display would comprise the mangguh kedongkol, tuna skin cracker, jukut blook, fish satay, blayag with broth, dodol konteng, laklak, cerorot, egg bean, catfish peanut brittle, catfish satay and meatballs, sudang lepet, jukut buangit, empol penyalin, empol salak, mengguh, jaja taluh penyu, sirat bendu, jukut ares, sudang lepet, jukut undis, lempog, and plengos ikan.

The craft exhibition would feature the works of Buleleng such as the handicrafts made of bamboo, metal, aluminum, wood, coconut shells, woven sticks, weaving, leather puppet, fish leather, glass painting and endek clothes. “It will also be graced by bleganjur gamelan presentation, fashion show, gong kebyar, human puppet, music and poetry. (BTN/015)

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