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Handicrafts of JAS in Badung Regent’s Office

Handicrafts of JAS in Badung Regents OfficeThe magnificent office of Badung Government in fact has a space of the art exhibition. The work of arts showcased were creative works of Badung community that have been popular in their own era. They are ranging from sculpture, painting, engraving relief to sculpture handicraft in combination with perforated coins. The exhibition is opened in accordance with office hours. On the left side is showcased the statues made by people of Jagapati, Angantaka and Sedang or known as JAS. Theme of the statues is the same, namely depicting the people that are fishing, catching fish by fish net and people with rooster in a cage.

In terms of size, there are small, medium and large with natural color. Placement of the statues lined up neatly tempts visitors to collect them. The sculpture works look very interesting and nice to display in the room. In the right room, there are statue handicrafts wrapped in perforated coins. They are works of art creatively made by Mengwi community. Most of them depict deities. Meanwhile, the large-size engraving relief is the work of artist from Tangeb village, Mengwi.

In the meantime, on the wall is displayed various works of art on canvas. Among those paintings, some are made of dried banana sheath. The theme varies, but most of them highlight the beauty of nature. In the center is displayed various kinds of brochures of tourist object and attractions in Badung ranging from rafting adventure, Bukit Sari at Sangeh, Kuta Beach and others. (BTN/015)

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