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Inna Bali Hotel

Dutch Atmosphere amid Denpasar City

Inna Bali HotelInna Hotel Bali is just like a second home to a sweet couple named Toshimi Iwabe and Takaaki Iwabe. The repeater guests from Tokyo, Japan, have been living for one and a half months at the hotel. They often express an interesting impression every time visiting the hotel. “Every time making a visit to Bali, we always stay at the Inna Hotel. Probably, this is our twentieth visit,” said Toshimi friendly. According to him, Inna Bali was the only city hotel remaining to preserve the Dutch heritage building. “Here, we always book a verandah room because it offers different aura. Moreover, when there is a sound of gig crossing the city street at night, we feel like living in the Dutch era,” he said in awe.

Apart from the attractive Dutch-style building, he said that the situation was too shady and beautiful.”The big trees are still well maintained here. Though being close to the city, the local culture is still preserved. Similarly, the ancient buildings with the hotel facilities are very nice and the service is good. Here is the atmosphere we are looking for,” he said.

The staff, continued Takaaki, was very friendly and helpful. “I first came to Bali approximately in 1985. Now, it has been for several times. When I first came, I immediately stayed at this hotel because we were recommended by a friend. Staff is friendly like family and the hotel has been like our second home. Moreover, I also like the foods served in the open air hotel restaurant,” said the traveler who liked to wear batik.
In addition to vacation, he added, they came here for the purpose of writing a book. “We write a book about Balinese culture and traditions at Kesiman village. We started this project in 2010 by making a research and interview directly to the experts where we visited the Kesiman Palace, Pangerebongan Dalem Temple, met the priest and saw in person various ceremonies held there,” he said.

In Bali, they have visited to a lot of places to learn more about Balinese culture. “We have been to Singaraja and visited some Balinese ancient villages such as Sidatapa, Pedawa and Cempaga. Additionally, we also visit Gianyar, Badung, Tabanan (Kerambitan Palace), Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar and Bali Museum, Klungkung and Besakih Temple in Karangasem. Then, we visited various temples in Indonesia such as the Borobudur and Prambanan,” he said.

These travelers are not only happy to see the ceremony in temples but also enjoy helping religious activities at hotel. “When there is a temple anniversary (piodalan) at hotel temple, they participate since the preparation to stay up until the ceremony comes to an end. During their stay here, they give a very good impression. Even, I am very proud that Toshimi wears endek almost every day,” said Guest Relation Officer, Ida Ayu Suwiti.

“At the end of February 2014, we will come again to Bali to see the mesuci ceremony and Calonarang Dance performance at Kesiman village. By all means, we will stay at this hotel again. Moreover, if this book has been completed, we also give a copy to this hotel as a memento,” said the couple meeting his wife in Bali. (BTN/Ocha)

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