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Residents of Palaktiying hold customary Nyepi

Residents of Palaktiying hold customary NyepiPalaktiying hamlet, Landih village, Bangli, just implemented the customary Nyepi (Day of Silence) on Tuesday (Mar 18). All the activities in offices and stalls at local village were closed for the whole day. Implementation of the customary Nyepi specifically applied to the area and residents at Palaktiying hamlet was guarded by a number of customary guard officers or pecalang.

Just as the implementation of Nyepi based on Caka New Year in general, residents at Palaktiying also carried out catur brata penyepian or four abstinences. In each door, residents put up no-entry sign. The entire activities of office and stalls at local village were also closed from the morning. All activities of residents during the Nyepi only took place inside the home by doing prayers and other positive activities.
Interestingly, the celebration of customary Nyepi at Palaktiying was somewhat more stringent than the Nyepi Day in general. Local people were very abstinent to receive guests. Those who dare violate must be prepared to be imposed with customary sanction that prevails at Palaktiying. “If any residents violate the rules, they will be imposed with sanctions. Its implementation is the same as the Nyepi Day in general,” said Nengah Sukerta Widana, one of the local pecalang officers.

The tradition of customary Nyepi has been passed down from generation to generation by the residents. Its implementation is marked by ngusaba tegen ritual held on the day before in the Dalem Pingit Temple of local village. Implementation of the customary Nyepi at Palaktiying is held once a year precisely on the ninth month of Balinese calendar or March, precisely ahead of Nyepi Day or before the turn of the Çaka Year. Such customary Nyepi was also intended as a moment for residents to make introspection in order to become a better human being. (BTN/ina)

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