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Bali's Special Event

Batara Turun Kabeh Ceremony at Besakih

Batara Turun Kabeh Ceremony at BesakihAt the peak of the Ida Batara Turun Kabeh or congregation of the god ceremony, Friday (Apr. 3) at the Penataran Agung of Besakih, Karangasem, abundant pilgrims flocked to say prayers. From the morning before the peak, pilgrims already worshipped alternately led by local priest. Meanwhile, the peak of the ngusaba kadasa was officiated over by eight higher priests. Six of them say prayers at elephant pavilion accompanied by the coordinator Ida Dalem Semaraputra and two others at paselang pavilion.


Denpasar ‘Besieged’ by Ogoh-ogoh

Denpasar Besieged by Ogoh-ogohCelebration of Nyepi of the Saka New Year 1937 is inseparable from the implementation of ogoh-ogoh parade on the Pengerupukan night before Nyepi, Friday (Mar. 20) at several villages in the city of Denpasar. Tonja and Oongan customary village in North Denpasar subdistrict and Sumer village in East Denpasar, for instance, held the parade of ogoh-ogoh or papier mâché demon concentrated at central intersection of the local village. Implementation of the ogoh-ogoh parade was opened by Denpasar Mayor I.B. Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra accompanied by subdistrict head, customary village chief and headman.


Nyepi, a Winding Path to Find God

Nyepi a Winding Path to Find GodCelebration of Nyepi or Day of Silence in the Caka New Year 1937 falling on March 21, 2015 really becomes very special to Hindus in Bali. It is not the excitement on the ogoh-ogoh (papier mâché demon) parade at the Pengerupukan night, but on the spiritual self-climbing to peace effort. Right on the Nyepi, the nature having turned silent is very good for reflection.


Galungan Feast

Balinese Hindus Express Gratitude through Penjor

Galungan Feast Balinese Hindus Express Gratitude through PenjorHindu community in Bali was celebrating Galungan, Wednesday (Dec 17) and Kuningan on Saturday (Dec 27). When Galungan arrives, little boys, teenagers or adults will seriously prepare a penjor. Such ritual paraphernalia is made of bamboo pole decorated with young coconut leaves. It is also equipped with coconut and fruits (various crops of Balinese farmers).


Galungan, It’s Time to Perform Ngelawang

Galungan-Its-Time-to-Perform-NgelawangCelebrating Galungan seems incomplete without watching the ngelawang or street show of female pig barong. Galungan is synonymous with ngelawang denoting the activity of dancing barong from village to village that has become a tradition for Hindu community in Bali. The street show activities are usually carried out by children or adults.

In addition to displaying the barong dance, the art troupe also presents the mask dancer with various characters. Aside from being a spectacle of the art, the ngelawang activity is also believed to ward off evil spirits and rejects any kind of diseases that interfere with human life. It is intended to expel those with evil intention as well as interfere with the security of Bali because it is also believed to provide vibration of sanctity. Barong is staged in the home yard.


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