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On "Pengerupukkan" night, Hundreds of ogoh-ogoh jazz up Denpasar

On Pengerupukkan night Hundreds of ogoh-ogoh jazz up DenpasarIt was recorded that 945 pieces of ogoh-ogoh jazzed up the Pengerupukan in the city of Denpasar on Monday (Mar 11). Especially for the parade in the Catus Pata (central intersection) of Catur Muka Statue, it was displayed 20 nominees of ogoh-ogoh representing each subdistrict. The parade was started one hour earlier than the previous year, namely at 4:00 p.m. Therefore, participants were expected to have arrived early and take position pursuant to their respective subdistrict. The Head of Denpasar Culture Agency, I Made Mudra, said.

According to Mudra, the ogoh-ogoh representing East Denpasar subdistrict was placed in front of Jaya Sabha and that of North Denpasar on Jalan Veteran. Meanwhile, the envoy of South Denpasar subdistrict was placed on Jalan Udayana and that of West Denpasar on Jalan Gajah Mada. This former Head of West Denpasar subdistrict expected after the parade ended, all the participants immediately eliminated the ogoh-ogoh by burning it. “If later on any ogoh-ogoh is found to be abandoned on roadside, it will be transported and eliminated by the officer of the Denpasar Sanitation and Landscaping Agency (DKP) at cemetery nearby,” he said.

Mudra added the ogoh-ogoh parade in Catur Muka area was estimated to last until 7:00 p.m. After parading the nominee ogoh-ogoh, it was resumed with the procession of ogoh-ogoh from each village and hamlet. From about 945 pieces of ogoh-ogoh made by hamlets in Denpasar, it was recorded only 169 customary villages participated in the ogoh-ogoh assessment to further jazz up the parade in the area of Catur Muka. From the assessment, it was determined 20 pieces of ogoh-ogoh from four subdistricts to further participate in the parade at Catur Muka. “As a form of support, the Denpasar municipality delivered a fund worth IDR 3.5 million for customary youth club (STT) from 450 hamlets in Denpasar,” he said.

As reported earlier, 20 pieces of ogoh-ogoh from 20 customary youth clubs reserved the right to join the parade in the area of Catur Muka. South Denpasar subdistrict was represented by the ogoh-ogoh owned by the Ria Remaja Kusuma youth club from Geladag hamlet, Pedungan; Dharma Sakti youth club from Pesirahan hamlet, Pedungan; Dwi Darma youth club from Pekandelan hamlet, Sanur Kauh; Dharma Subhiksa youth club from Sasih hamlet, Panjer; Eka Jaya youth club from Puseh Kauh hamlet, Sanur Kauh village. Five envoys of East Denpasar subdistrict included the ogoh-ogoh belonging to Pamuke youth club from Kedaton hamlet, Sumerta Kelod village; Dharma Kusuma youth club from Sima hamlet, Sumerta Kaja; Dharma Putra youth club from Pande hamlet, Sumerta Kaja village; Yowana Para Marta from Tanjung Bungkak Kaja hamlet, Sumerta Kelod village and Dharma Cita from Abiankapas Tengah, Sumerta village.

Meanwhile, the envoys of North Denpasar subdistrict participating in the Catur Muka parade consisted of the ogoh-ogoh of Santika youth club from Sedana Merta hamlet, Ubung; Belaluan youth club from Sadmerta hamlet, Dangin Puri Kauh; Eka Buana youth club from Batur hamlet, Ubung village; Wiwaradhika youth club from Belong Gede hamlet, Pemecutan Kaja; and Saraswati youth club from Kedaton hamlet, Tonja village. Then, the five envoys of West Denpasar subdistrict were the ogoh-ogoh of Dharma Putra youth club from Beraban hamlet, Dauh Puri Kauh; Eka Santana youth club from Belanga hamlet, Dauh Puri Kauh; Ruppti youth club from Titih hamlet, Dauh Puri Kangin and Tenaya Kusuma youth club from Buagan hamlet, Pemecutan Kelod village. (BTN/kmb)

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