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Balinese Live

Dalem Tamblingan Traditional Village

Preserves Nyakan Diwang Tradition

Dalem Tamblingan Traditional Village 1North Bali is truly wealthy when it comes to traditional cultural practices that have been passed down uninterrupted for countless generations. One example is the tradition known as ‘nyakan diwang’ that the people of Catur Desa Adat Dalem Tamblingan, Umajero Village, Gobleg, Munduk, Gesing continue to practice. Nyakan Diwang essentially means ‘cooking by the side of the road’ and this tradition manages to strengthen the peace and harmony amongst the people who practice it. The process begins anywhere between midnight and dawn.


Shivaratri as Sin Redemption Night, Perform Main Abstinences

Shivaratri as Sin Redemption NightHindu community in Bali celebrates a unique Shivaratri Day. Shivaratri means the holy contemplation night or the sin redemption night. Shivaratri falls one day before new moon in the seventh month of Balinese calendar (Kapitu) and this year falls on Friday (Jan. 8). On this day, Hindu devotees in Bali do fasting and meditation to get forgiveness from God for the sins caused by avidya (darkness).


Monkey Forest Holds Tumpek Kandang Ritual

An Expression of Love to Animals

Monkey Forest Holds Tumpek Kandang RitualAs an expression of love to animals like monkeys, the Monkey Forest Ubud celebrates Tumpek Kandang ritual on Saturday (Oct. 3). The celebration was conducted in the highest level and officiated over by Ida Pedanda Nabe Gede Manuaba. Type of the offerings presented is relatively large, namely the usual offerings coupled with bebangkit offerings. Since the ritual belongs to the highest level, it is then accompanied with wayang lemah or day puppet show and Sidakarya mask dance. Local people and travelers mingle to watch the ritual held every six months.


Maintaining Mabongbong Tradition

Maintaining Mabongbong TraditionFighting cock in Bali has actually existed since the past time better known as mabongbong or fondling and exercising fighting cock. However, in harmony with the passage of time, this tradition is accompanied with betting money or gambling or locally known as metajen. To revive this tradition without the image of gambling, the Derby Continental Community organized the Cock Fighting Derby Continental XII, Sunday (Oct. 4).


Jero Kandang Temple, a sanctum to invoke prosperity

Jero Kandang Temple a sanctum to invoke prosperitySaniscara Kliwon Uye, Saturday October 3 2015, is temple ceremony of Jero Kandang Temple Tanah Lot. Jero Kandang Temple is located about 100 meters in the west side of Penyawang Temple. Jero Kandang Temple was built for villagers of Beraban village to require the wellness for their animals and plants from disease. The name of Jero Kandang Temple was taken from the function that is put into a stable (kandang) all the disease. Based on the function, Jero Kandang Temple is a place to pray for God with His manifestation as the God of all animals and plants, also pray for Dewi Sri as manifestation of God as the Goddess of prosperity.


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