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Rice Terrace of Busungbiu

rice terace busungbiuThis expanse of terraced paddy field is located at the south end of Busungbiu village, approximately 39 km south of the town of Singaraja. Precisely, it perches at the verge of the Singaraja–Denpasar road section via Pupuan. This overlay of paddy fields look very stunning with the background of green hills. Amidst of the paddy fields lies a strand of river whose glittering water runs throughout the year. Farmer activities around the paddy fields take visitors to a natural rustic atmosphere. Near the parking area located at road side, a wooden stage is provided for visitors to enjoy a stretch of paddy fields while unwinding.


Sidatapa Village

desa sidetapaSidatapa village is one of the old villages in the Central North Bali, precisely located 20 km west of Singaraja town. What interesting to see here is the rectangle house divided into three parts: innermost, middle and outermost part. The three sections are separated with wooden partition and connected with wooden door. Meanwhile, the innermost part consists of several smaller partitions used for sacred places. Here villagers place all the shrines in the house (unlike most Balinese people placing all shrines outside the house). Middle part is the place for the ancestors, kitchen and living room, while at the outermost part comprises the entrance to the house.


Bull Race a la Buleleng

sapi-gerumbunganSapi Gerumbungan or bull race is a kind of art in combination with the common sporting activity held around August at public square of Kaliasem village, located about 11 km west of Singaraja town. This bull race has been organized from time immemorial and been very popular among the local farmers. As a unique tradition among the farmers after plowing their paddy fields that are ready for planting, it is implemented as an entertainment known as megrumbungan. Gerumbungan is a kind of cow bell suspended on the neck of a pair of trained bulls where their neck is connected with a wooden tool called uga.


Lake Buyan

Lake BuyanLake Buyan is a lake located at Pancasari village, Sukasada subdistrict, Buleleng, Bali. This lake is one of the three twin lakes formed within a large caldera. It is flanked by two other lakes, namely Lake Tamblingan in the west and Lake Beratan in the east. Lake Buyan is the largest of the three. Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan is separated by forests with the length of approximately one kilometer, where a pond is connecting it directly to Lake Buyan through a narrow channel. Local community calls the pond Telaga Aya.


Dalem Jagaraga Temple

Pura Dalem JagaragaDalem Jagaraga Temple is located at Jagaraga village, Sawan subdistrict, 11 km east of Singaraja town, alongside the major road of Sawan-Singaraja. The village is famous for its Jagaraga Struggle against the Dutch colonialism in 1848 under the command of I Gusti Ketut Jelantik. The area of Dalem Temple has its own uniqueness with a relief of vintage car driven by armed people, relief of crashed aircraft, the relief of Dutch man drinking a beer and others. Similarly, there is Men Brayut or Goddess Hariti statue, namely a legend of Bali People telling about a mother having many children that scrambled and asked to be carried. Uniqueness, this temple cannot be found in other places in Bali.


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