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Brahma Buddhist Monastery

brahma budha viharaIt is located at Banjar Tegeha village, 18 km to the west of Singaraja and 2 km south of Singaraja-Seririt highway. This temple is perched at the foot of the hill overlooking the sea. The Brahma Arama Buddhist Monastery is the largest Buddhist temple in Bali. It spreads across a quite extensive area. From this place, visitors can see the beautiful view of the North Bali Sea stretching from the east to the west because it is located in on a hilly area. On that account, this Buddhist temple has a remarkable attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists. The impressive monument resembling a large temple bell was donated by Thailand while the panels depict the story of Buddha, and Buddha statue. This monastery can provide an ideal destination for those seeking an appropriate venue for meditation.

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