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Food and Beverage

Delicious Balinese Pizza at Dewi Sinta Restaurant

Delicious Balinese Pizza at Dewi Sinta Restaurant 1Get used to eat pizza? Once upon a time try to luxuriate in the delight of Balinese Pizza at Dewi Sinta Hotel & Restaurant. The pizza offered by restaurant located at Tanah Lot is really different. Like West meets East this pizza is combined with Balinese spices so that it produces distinctive flavor. Once tried, you will be definitely made addictive.


Umanyar Restaurant and Agrotourism

A Fantastic Place to Eat  

Umanyar Restaurant and Agrotourism 1Have you got a fantastic place to eat? If you have not, simply try to come to the Umanyar Restaurant and Agrotourism on Jalan Raya Sibang Gede - Angantaka, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal. Various menus served are very tasty and delicious and without the use of MSG. The restaurant offers a remarkably cool atmosphere because it is perched in the middle of green paddy fields entertained by the sounds of beautiful nature.


Creation Lawar a là Nusa Dua Fiesta

Creation Lawar a la Nusa Dua FiestaOn Monday (Oct, 12), as part of the Nusa Dua Fiesta, a lawar making competition was held. The lawar created was creative and delicious and although served in an original manner, the flavour remained traditional, delicious even to the foreign palette. This year, the competition involved 20 participants representing tourism schools in Bali.


Wow…How Sticky the Lupis Ketan Cake Is!

WowHow Sticky the Lupis Ketan Cake IsLupis Ketan is the name of a Balinese traditional cake. This cake tastes quite delicious and sticky and has a distinctive aroma. Coming in not too large size and not too thin, it has round shape just like a coin. When being served, this cake is topped with grated coconut and then sprinkled with palm sugar sauce. Enjoying this cake will be more delightful while drinking coffee.

Although it does not belong to a means of ceremonies, this cake is commonly presented to Goddes Sri, the goddess of prosperity in paddy fields. Farmers in Bali believe that by presenting sacred offerings, they will have abundant crops providing good welfare. In addition, this cake is also very close to farmers’ life because it frequently comes as their menu in paddy fields. After working in the field, farmers usually enjoy this cake before having lunch in togetherness.


Mang Boo Restaurant

Delicacy of Timbungan and Buffalo Lawar  

Mang Boo Restaurant 1Although being located far from the urban atmosphere, the Mang Boo Restaurant is never empty of visitors. The restaurant located at Sangeh village, precisely at the entrance to Bukit Sari tourist attraction or about 25 kilometers north of Denpasar, offers delicious and distinctive menus. Mang Boo is open every day from 08:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. serving a variety of menus made from buffalo meat.


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