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‘Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey’

Seeing Self Subjectivity, Social and Symbol

Rendezvous An Artistic OdysseyPullman Bali Legian NIrwana held the exhibition called ‘Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey’. The exhibition was opened officially by Director of Operations Jan Kroekel. In the event, there are dozens of artworks from famous artists exhibited for fifty three days starting August 15 to October 5, 2014. There also unique artworks about Balinese social life.

According to the artist Tatang, B.Sp, the theme ‘Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey’ means a meeting to bring the various wanderings of ideas, reasoning, intuition, passion and imagination of the artists in an exhibition event. The theme also mainly intended for reading and framing the aesthetic diversity of perspectives and approaches that carried each artist exhibitors.


Royal Palace as Art Center, MJL Showcases 70 Photos

Royal Palace as Art Center MJL Showcases 70 PhotosCreativity works of Balinese artists are indeed superior. So, it is not mistaken if many foreigners admire the works of art by the old artists. Unfortunately, behind the works of the maestros of Balinese art many of the artists do not care so much about documentation that can make a pride. Even, many do not pay attention to the works donated, so that a few of them are not well treated when falling sick.

Well, in caring for the elderly artists in Bali dozens of photographers coalesced into the Retracing Ancestral Footsteps (MJL) held a photographic exhibition at Blahbatuh Grand Palace, Gianyar. The photos exhibited took a very special object namely the great artist Ida Bagus Blangsinga from Ubud. He was famous for a Kebyar Duduk dancer. The exhibition ran for two days (Aug 16-17).


‘Happiness in Bali’

Photo Exhibition at Griya Santrian Gallery

Happiness in BaliVarious activities and linkages of foreign community with Balinese culture and community imbued the photography exhibition at the Griya Santrian Gallery, Sanur. The exhibition with the theme Happiness in Bali showcased a total of 34 photographs of about selected 750 works. The exhibition is in the series with the Sanur Village Festival (SVF) opened on Monday (Aug 18) and ran until September 5, 2014.


Monkey Forest Ubud Transformed by 10 Artists

Monkey Forest Ubud Transformed by 10 ArtistsA total of 10 artists conjured up the Monkey Forest tourist attraction in Ubud into a more attractive destination. Previously, travelers could only watch the cuteness of local monkey, perceive the coolness of forest and positive aura of the holy place, but now travelers can watch the exhibition of the innovative arts.


Exhibition of Fine Arts and Designs

Exhibition of Fine Arts and DesignsA total of 225 innovative and very interesting works of the art posing the outcome of the imagination of students of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar were exhibited in the Kriya Hasta Mandala Building at local campus. Exhibition of the art and design with the theme ‘Traditional Traces in Cultural Dynamics’ was opened by the Rector Dr. I Gede Arya Sugiartha, Thursday (Jul 24).


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