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Ubud Raya Resort

A Combination of Traditional-Modern and Rural Pristine Charms

ubud raya resortUbud Raya Resort is one of the newest villas at Sindhu hamlet, Sayan village, Ubud. The property operating under the management of Raya Ubud is Bali’s first product that puts the concept of natural countryside. Each villa has a fairly wide area either room, living room or courtyard.

It is the newest four-star accommodation in the heart of the tourist area of Ubud. Coming up in fresh ambience, it successfully blends the modern and traditional styles including the presence of natural stone, crafts and typical ornaments of Bali. Uniqueness can also be seen from each villa where the name is derived from the Hindu puppet characters such as the Pandavas.


“Tejakula and Blangsinga”

Photo Exhibition at Santrian Gallery, Sanur

Tejakula and BlangsingaForeign travelers are amazed by the Hinduism-inspired art found at an exibition titled “Tejakula and Blangsinga” held at Santrian gallery this month. The photographs by two older artists, Doddy Obenk and Tjandra Hutama Kurniawan are alluring, inspiring and resonate with divine vibrations. Through their framing, style and expression, these works inspire visitors to love the arts of Bali.

The inspiring and renowned dancers portrayed are I.B. Oka Wirjana from Blangsinga and Ni Luh Menek and Gede Tirta Ngis from Tejakula.


Fashion Show Featuring Endek Fabric

Fashion Show Featuring Endek FabricEndek fashion with its uniqueness makes this fabric away from the old-fashioned impression. People will no longer consider it monotonous. The innovation created by Balinese people can easily be put on in various moments and events.  Endek has been widely taken advantage by several top fashion designers, including the ambassadors of endek that have made creation in the form of trendy fashion in accordance with the age of teenagers. In every fashion competition, endek is always adopted by fashion models, including in the annual event of the seventh Denpasar Festival (Denfest) where diverse motifs of  endek with unique designs were presented on catwalk, Monday (Dec 29).


Unique Works and Painting Demo at Taman Ayun

Unique Works and Painting Demo at Taman AyunHave you been familiar to make a trip to Taman Ayun tourist attraction, Mengwi, Badung? Once upon a time, you must try to look at the art studio located in the west of the temple area. Studio in a classical building displays various types of painting. There are paintings on eggs and barong made of leaves and various types of local fruits.

In a not too large room, a variety of paintings on canvas of various styles are displayed. They are attached to walls, doors, pillars and plafond. The building is filled with large and small paintings measuring 1.5 meters x 1 meter and some others 20 centimeter x 30 centimeters. More interestingly, there are artists in charge and making a demo of painting on canvas and eggs. They are natural artists from Mengwi village. Unfortunately, the demo is usually available after 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.


Waste Transformed into Unique Drift Wood Craft

Waste Transformed into Unique Drift Wood CraftAntique, beautiful and unique are first impressions captured when having a closer look at drift wood crafts made from wood found at marine debris. The waste including useless branches are transformed into high-valued arts. It can also be made into a variety of items, such as in the shape of animal, table, chair, cupboard, mirror frame, lampshade and others.

This kind of craft becoming a trend in this era is created by Gusti Putu Widia. Assisted by his wife and two employees, the craftsman having the address at Jalan Kebyar Duduk, Gunung hamlet, Abiansemal subdistrict, Badung, creates various art products at his home. Although he is away from the center of the city, his craft products have penetrated the market in the cities of various countries since 2008.


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