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‘Expression Session’

Art Exhibition of Jango Pramartha and David Brophy

Expression Session Art Exhibition of Jango Paramartha and David Brophy 1The results of an intense transformation in the creative journey of a local artist Jango Paramartha and foreign artist David Brophy are exhibited at Gallery Griya Santrian. Their creative works consisted of 20 paintings, 4 installations and a mural art. The exhibition with the theme “Expression Session” lasts for a month (Oct 23 – Nov 23, 2014).

Jango Pramartha who has long established his image through the world of cartoon art has now jumped into a fine art. Meanwhile, David Brophy presenting the works in the form of his memorable experiences in Bali in terms of contemporary and traveler’s perspective. Their meeting occurred in an art project in the Fremantle Arts Center, Perth (Australia) in early 2014 entitled “Bali: Return Economy” then continued to a joint exhibition.


Gya Kanna Gallery Offers Antique Collection

Gya Kanna Gallery Offers Antique Collection 1Evidently, the tourist area of Sanur being famous for the beauty of the rising sun becomes the center of antique collection. Gallery and art shops scattered on the coastal resort offer a wide range of unique items. Gya Kanna Gallery is one of them. The art gallery collecting the antiques is located at Jalan Sudamala 15 Sanur.

The goods collected do not only include the antiques and unique items, but also have the strength. It happens because they are made based on inspiration, materials and auspicious day, and even they are given a ceremony. “I collect these antiques since my childhood because I have a hobby and very much like the ancient and auspicious goods,” said Ida Bagus Sutadi, the gallery owner.


Bulan Oka Holds Exhibition Entitled ‘Rocking Time’

Bulan Oka Holds Exhibition Entitled Rocking TimeExperiences of people’s journey are usually written in a book or small notes. However, different thing is made by Bulan Oka. This Balinese fine artist reveals her life journey to some countries through scratches on paper media. Her scratches are dominated by black and white panorama depicting the reality of life in alluring sign, image and colors.

All the expressions depicting the life journey of Bulan Oka were exhibited at the Griya Santrian Gallery, Sanur, from September 12 to October 17, 2014. The exhibition with the theme ‘Rocking Time’ displayed 60 works in the form of sketches, drawings and paintings on black canvas denoting the white and black episode of the figure Bulan Oka.


‘Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey’

Seeing Self Subjectivity, Social and Symbol

Rendezvous An Artistic OdysseyPullman Bali Legian NIrwana held the exhibition called ‘Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey’. The exhibition was opened officially by Director of Operations Jan Kroekel. In the event, there are dozens of artworks from famous artists exhibited for fifty three days starting August 15 to October 5, 2014. There also unique artworks about Balinese social life.

According to the artist Tatang, B.Sp, the theme ‘Rendezvous: An Artistic Odyssey’ means a meeting to bring the various wanderings of ideas, reasoning, intuition, passion and imagination of the artists in an exhibition event. The theme also mainly intended for reading and framing the aesthetic diversity of perspectives and approaches that carried each artist exhibitors.


Royal Palace as Art Center, MJL Showcases 70 Photos

Royal Palace as Art Center MJL Showcases 70 PhotosCreativity works of Balinese artists are indeed superior. So, it is not mistaken if many foreigners admire the works of art by the old artists. Unfortunately, behind the works of the maestros of Balinese art many of the artists do not care so much about documentation that can make a pride. Even, many do not pay attention to the works donated, so that a few of them are not well treated when falling sick.

Well, in caring for the elderly artists in Bali dozens of photographers coalesced into the Retracing Ancestral Footsteps (MJL) held a photographic exhibition at Blahbatuh Grand Palace, Gianyar. The photos exhibited took a very special object namely the great artist Ida Bagus Blangsinga from Ubud. He was famous for a Kebyar Duduk dancer. The exhibition ran for two days (Aug 16-17).


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