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Bali Art in Culture & Tradition

Bali Serves as Example of Fine Art Development  

Bali Art in Culture  TraditionThe Island of the Gods hosted the Bali Art in Culture & Tradition (ACT), an exhibition of artwork organized simultaneously. These activities of Balinese cultural expression and tradition were held simultaneously at 102 locations. They included the museums, galleries, studios and special places in various parts of Bali.

Director of Fine Arts Development, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Watie Moerany, opened the cultural art action at Arma Museum, Thursday (Oct 17). Other than exhibition, this first event was also filled with seminar. The ACT would be organized each year so that people of the archipelago and foreigners could see the potential works of Balinese artists.

Through the activities, Bali was expected to be an example of the art development in Indonesia and overseas. “Such achievement was due to the art development in Bali quite successfully fused the cultural and artistic life of the community and daily rituals activities so as to provide inspiration that continues to flow,” said Watie Moerany.

Scratches of the artwork by the artists had a high economic value that had been able to penetrate the foreign market as well as to contribute to the formation of regional domestic product. “Balinese artists have long been used to export the arts on canvas as well as they are purchased by tourists while enjoying their holiday in Bali,” she said.

On that account, other regions in Indonesia and other countries were expected to imitate the pattern of the art development in Bali having been considered successful in raising the standard of living and improving the quality of artwork.

Meanwhile, Rizky A. Zaelany said that Bali was so far widely known in the world with a wealth of cultural treasures based on religious values and the art was associated with ritual activities. “The art is part of religious life, even it is mentioned that religion is the art and the art is the religion itself,” he said.
Balinese culture with its strong traditional roots continued to grow along with the time. Continuity of the traditional values was reflected in the art development of Bali because various historical glimpses noted that Balinese art showed off the development of the art taking place in its own line of development.
At the opening, the artist Nyoman Erawan expressed the cultural month by featuring 114 works on canvas, installation works and performance. His work drew a great attention from the public, artists, art critic and tourists. He was entrusted by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economic Marie Elka Pangestu to present special works in conjunction with the special events held on the island. (BTN/015)

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