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Headline News

New Multicultural Dance

A Performance by Cahya Art Studio at BAF

New Multicultural Dance 1Recently, the Cahya Art Studio under the direction of Ketut Lanus performed at Wantilan Hall of the Bali Art Center as part of the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) 2015. They performed a new creations that was creative, multicultural and full of teachings on human goodness. The play of musical tones and dance movement not only revealed the beauty of the soul, but also served as media in providing education about life. The dances used a variety of cultural references including nuances of Christian churches, the Buddhist temple spirit and Hinduism with its fundamental basis in presentation.


Denpasar Revives the Art of Sculpture

Denpasar Revives the Art of Sculpture 1In an effort to revive the art of sculpture, children and teenagers from all over Denpasar were given free training by the Denpasar Culture Agency, over five days (Jul. 9-13) Wayan Marya, a sculptor from Anggabaya-Penatih who was one of the instructors for the event, said that currently in Denpasar there are very few sculptors. In fact their number could be counted on two hands. In the 1960s and into the 1980s Denpasar, especially in the area of Panti, Penatih, Sesetan and Kesiman, had many sculptors. “Their mostly produced sculptures of men carrying a rooster cage” he said.


Bali One Society

Adoption of Banjar Concept on the Island of the Gods

Bali One SocietyThe concept of social life in the hamlet in Bali seems to have inspired the establishment of the Bali One Society (BOS). BOS was first initiated by 12 people from different professional backgrounds. The majority of them are migrants who are touched when seeing other migrants get difficulties but they are not accompanied by family

“We started with close friends and relatives. We are from various fields of business, but we have the same vision to help one another, especially in grief,” said Chairman of the BOS Lio Wijaya Susanto accompanied by Deputy Secretary of BOS Gede Ridiana Yasa in Haishen restaurant recently.


Through PT Bestari Jaya

PL Watches from France Now Available in Bali

Through PT Bestari Jaya 1If we think of France, we think of a country inspired to become an icon of couture, perfume and fashion accessories. They have succeeded are even legendary. “One of their famous accessories is the Pierre Lannier (PL) wrist watch. This great watch factory was established in 1977 in the remote village of Ernolsheim-lès-Saverne in northern Alsace. PL watches have been designed and produced for over 40 years.” said Martial Butscher, Export Director of PL, during the launch of a series of PL products though PT Bestari Jaya –the sole agent of the PL brand in Indonesia.


Tanah Lot Baleganjur Festival

Promoting Attraction and Preserving Balinese Culture

Tanah Lot Baleganjur Festival 1Talented young artists danced and played gamelan and were dressed in spectacular attire composed of neatly arranged fine cloth and beautiful accessories. Each performance was more amazing than the last, during the opening of the Tanah Lot Baleganjur Festival at the Wantilan Hall of Tanah Lot Temple on Friday July 3rd.

The festival was opened by Deputy Regent of Tabanan, Komang Sanjaya, and involved 23 dance perfomers representing customary villages from across the subdistrict of Kediri. Each participant performed in front of the wantilan hall where the audience, made up of locals, travellers, the deputy regent and other special guests enjoyed the dance and music. There was also a panel of judges who assessed their technique, creativity and quality of the gamelan music.


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