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A Tribute to Maestro Ida Bagus Blangsinga

A Tribute to Maestro Ida Bagus BlangsingaAt the end of the dance on the outdoor stage of Bentara Budaya Bali, Saturday (Sep 28), IB Blangsinga came out and danced lively, skillfully and flexibly. There was no doubt on the whole body to show off the movement supporting the dance whereas he was very old and should see more the results of his direction to the students. His breath, past time and throughout the life has been dedicated to the dance and as if he had made Bali always dance.

The maestro has devoted his life for over 75 years in the world of dance. His sincerity and devotion in the dance causes many people to be touched, amazed and give sincere respect. On that account, due to a single desire that can no longer be dammed, it was then organized a sublime, solemn and respectful activity entitled A Tribute to Maestro Ida Bagus Blangsinga.

Aside from the involvement of the dance maestro in the show, the tribute to him was also carried out by a number of dancers of his students, photographers and sculptors. “This event poses an expression of our respect and togetherness so far to Ida Bagus Blangsinga. Besides, it also has something to do with the photographic documentation efforts,” said Doddy Obenk, the event coordinator.

Other than the dance, one of the main important events in the A Tribute to Maestro Ida Bagus Blangsinga was the photography and sculpture exhibition. The photographers involved in the exhibition including Adrian Palar, Doddy Obenk, Tjandra Hutama K, Yan Palapa, Indra Widi, DP Arsa Putra, Komang ‘Totok’ Parwata, Ismail Ilmi, I Gusti Agung Wijaya Utama, Dechi IDK Rudita Widia Putra, Windujati, Rudi Waisnawa, I Putu Apriwidana and Ida Bagus Gede Indra Sukma Advaita.

Then, the sculptors taking part consisted of Ida Bagus Ari Munarta, Ida Bagus Alit, Carola Vooges (the Netherlands) and Irina (Serbia). Meanwhile, Miranda Risang Ayu Palar contributed a poem to the maestro. Ida Bagus Blangsinga posed the main subject of the artistic outpouring by the artists who celebrated the dedication of the maestro in the world of dance.

The photographers and sculptors made the maestro a source of inspiration, imagination and creative idea in presenting the final results of their art creativity and were then displayed in the exhibition hall of the Bentara Budaya Bali. Doddy Obenk and Adrian Palar were two artists with closeness to the maestro and showed off pictures denoting the results of their creative photography.

Bali is a dance and it lies in the spirit of Ida Bagus Blangsinga. The maestro, whose real name is Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana, treated his capability firstly with the spirit of ngayah (devotional works). After that, he keeps on conducting devotional works and inherits it to the successors. Now, in the age of 80, the maestro continues to dance and train future generations either at his home or elsewhere. It is true what is revealed in the poem by Miranda Risang Ayu Palar in the tribute to the maestro “Because in your devotion of dancing the history empties out.” (BTN/kmb)

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