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Five Countries Join Fishery Products Processing Training in Tabanan

Five Countries Join Fishery Products Processing Training in TabananTabanan County became the training center for the member countries of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). For this training, it was specifically focused on the women’s empowerment in terms of developing the capabilities of women in processing fishery and oyster craft-making.
The training was opened by the Indonesian Ambassador to Fiji, Aidil Chandra Salim, accompanied by the Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, in the regent office, Monday (Apr 28). Through the training, all participants were expected to contribute to woman in economic development in their country.

The training entitled International Training program on fisheries product processing and seashell handicraft making was held for five days. The five members of the Melanesian countries participating in the training included Fiji (2 participants), Vanuatu (2), Papua New Guinea (2), Solomon Islands (1), Indonesia (5) and the MSG Secretariat based in Vanuatu (1). Regent Eka was proud of the implementation of the international fishery product processing training and oyster crafts held in Tabanan. It was according to the natural resources owned by Tabanan where the emphasis of economic development was on the agricultural sector, including fisheries and maritime affairs.

“I’m paying quite great attention and expectations because the potential of fisheries and marine resources in Tabanan can become one of the excellent potentials for the betterment of society in Tabanan,” she said. Utilization of the fisheries and maritime potential in Tabanan was pursued through a variety of policies, including improving the institutional capacity of business operators in fisheries and maritime affairs, increasing the capacity of human resources through training in cooperation with the Banyuwangi Institute for Fisheries Education and Training, increasing the capacity of capital to marketing and fishery product and competitiveness. “In the future, I hope to establish cooperation on an ongoing basis in order to develop human resources and marine fisheries urgently needed by Tabanan as well as the MSG member countries,” said the regent of Tabanan.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ambassador to Fiji, Aidil Chandra Salim, said the training was held in collaboration with the Directorate of Technical Cooperation with BPSDM KP and the Banyuwangi Institute for Fisheries Education and Training as part of the Indonesia’s commitment to the development of South-South cooperation and implementation of the commitment to increase the economic development cooperation with the MSG member countries.

The participants were taught about how to take advantage of fishery products such as making meatballs, crackers, gelatin and others. “Women have the same rights in the development of the nation and the state, so they should also be equipped with the ability to play a role in attempting to economic development,” he explained.

After the opening ceremony, the participants were invited to see the exhibition of fishery products and shellfish craft posing the result of independent marine craft training centers and fisheries (P2MKP) of Tabanan under guidance of the Tabanan government. (BTN/015)

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