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In Kuta, Ogoh-Ogoh Parade Becomes Folk Festival

In Kuta Ogoh-Ogoh Parade Becomes Folk FestivalKuta customary village, Kuta subdistrict, organized back the fourth ogoh-ogoh parade. The ogoh-ogoh parade was opened by the Regent of Badung AA Gde Agung, Sunday (Mar 30) in front of the Desa Temple of Kuta customary village. There is nothing special in the ogoh-ogoh parade at this time directly attended by Bali Police Chief Albertus Julius Benny Mokalu and his family as well as Denpasar Police Chief Djoko Hariutomo and the families as well. In addition, there were also subdistrict head of Kuta, Kuta headman, chief of Kuta customary village, Chairman of LPM Kuta and community leaders.

In his speech, Regent Gde Agung said that cultural arts festival in the form of ogoh-ogoh parade held at Kuta customary village was a kind of preservation of Balinese culture. “The Badung government is very supportive to the ogoh-ogoh parade and this should be implemented on an ongoing basis. This activity is folk festival where it is performed by people, attended by people and enjoyed by people as well as local and domestic travelers,” said Gde Agung.

Furthermore, Gde Agung said the ogoh-ogoh was the creation of young people through village youth club. These creations were positive in terms of the preservation of Balinese culture. “I give appreciation to Kuta customary village that can preserve Balinese culture that can sustain in the midst of the onslaught of foreign culture brought in by travelers,” said Gde Agung.

Related to the implementation of Nyepi and execution of election on April 9, 2014, Gde Agung expected the implementation of both moments could run smoothly. “It takes an active role and synergy between society, government and the security forces to secure the area so the two moments can run smoothly, safely and in control of security considering Kuta is a barometer of security of Bali and Indonesia,” said Gde Agung.

Chief of Kuta customary village conveyed the ogoh-ogoh parade posed a regular activity related to the implementation of Nyepi Day which aimed to preserve the existence of ogoh-ogoh that involved the youth clubs existing in the area of Kuta customary village.Meanwhile, Chairman of the fourth ogoh-ogoh parade committee, Komang Alit Ardana, reported there were three series of activities carried out with regard to the Nyepi Day namely the selection of Jegeg Bungan Desa, Ogoh-ogoh Parade as well as the implementation of the Majelangu Market coinciding with Ngembak Geni Day, the day after Nyepi.

The route of the ogoh-ogoh parade participated by 13 youth clubs was from Bemo Corner, Jalan Legian, heading for Jalan Pantai eastward, in front of Desa Temple and performed an attraction and then moved southwards to Jalan Raya Kuta, continued towards Jalan Bakung Sari, did an attraction in front of the Dalem Temple and finally the ogoh-ogoh was placed on Kuta Beach at specified place to be displayed at the Majelangu Market. For determination of the winner, the assessment was made by foreign travelers who came to watch and the champion was announced in the Majelangu Market on Kuta beach. (BTN/055)

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Thursday, June 30, 2016
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