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NDF 2013 highlights with World Music and the Bali Highway Half Marathon

NDF  2013 highlights with World Music and the Bali Highway Half Marathon. 1NDF  2013 highlights with World Music and the Bali Highway Half Marathon.Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) is a State-Owned Enterprise that has successfully developed the Nusa Dua tourism enclave.  The resort area, which was previously a remote corner of southern Bali with a beautiful view and white sands, has been developed and managed in an integrated way with attractive facilities.  The welcoming and comfortable environment has its own attraction for tourists.  Strategically located and close to Ngurah Rai international airport, Nusa Dua is a renowned international tourist destination.

“BTDC is once again proud to announce its annual event, Nusa Dua Fiesta (NDF) 2013, this time for the 16th year. This year’s event includes IMEX (World Music) international and national musicians with featuring  Celeste Kim(USA), Baraka (Japan), Ana  Alcaide (Spain), Maera (Indonesia), Sawung Jabo & Sirkus Barok (Indonesia), Haqni & The Bandz (Indonesia), Jerry Pellegrino (Usa), Leonardo Pavkovic (Usa), Orchid House Orchestra (Italy), Sato (Uzbekistan), Sweetlive (Switzerland), Bali Sports Week’s With Bali International Highway Half Marathon”, Balerung Pelangi Nusantara, Ica Bali Culinary Challenge, Fashion Show, Colossal Dance Kresna Arjuna, Kebo Iwa, Science Film Festival (Saving Energy), Fun Games, Environmental Conservation”. Ida Bagus Abdhi chairman of NDF 2013 said.

"NDF 2013 will held at the Peninsula in Nusa Dua from 15-19 November 2013, the theme of the 2013 Fiesta is ”Wane Lelanguan”, which means Conserving Forest Beauty.  This theme has been chosen to remind us of the importance of conserving the forests to support sustainable tourism.  The location for the NDF, on the Peninsula, has its own unique feature of a water blow that causes bursts of seawater from the waves of up to 15 meters that burst through a hole in the rock”.  Abdhi added .

This year, NDF will be slightly different from previous years having the highlights of World Music and the Bali Highway Half Marathon. The world music program will see performances from various international musicians collaborating and featuring both traditional and modern music.  World Music will be presented in collaboration with ethnomusicologist Franki Raden, who has had success managing various national and international musical events.  This year’s environmental conservation program for children will see BTDC cooperate with Goethe-Institut to hold a Science Film Festival with the regional theme “ENERGY”.  The festival aims to demonstrate that science can be communicated in an educational way that is entertaining at the same time, contributing to the development of the science communication infrastructure, while educating.  NDF 2013 also will featuring Bali Culinary Challenge 2013 run by the Indonesian Chefs Association (ICA).  

“Nusa Dua has long been known as the Garden of Bali, having adapted the themes of Love, Peace and Harmony.  Through this new program, we hope to provide an additional texture to the NDF, making it even more interesting for foreign tourists and add to the already positive image of Bali as a high quality destination, both generally and more specifically for tourism.   By NDF 2013 is not held merely to promote Nusa Dua Bali as a prime global tourist destination but also to demonstrate BTDC’s concern for conservation.  In fact, our conservation efforts have been internationally recognized, with Nusa Dua being the first area to receive the Green Globe Award acknowledged by the United Nations”. Abdhi hoped.(BTN/014)

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