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Significant, Role of Public Relations in Bali Tourism Development Harmonization

Atmosphere of the informal discussions took place warmly in Kedai 63 Warung Bali Coffee.Last week, Bali Travel News (Bali Post Media Group) organized a discussion featuring ‘The Role of Public Relations in Establishing Bali Tourism.’ Position of public relations plays an important role as done by the other stakeholders. Here’s the complete report.

Position of the Public Relations (PR) is frequently faced to ‘awry’ or ‘pinched’ condition. In other words, in some cases, it should be able to play two roles. Firstly, it should be able to position itself with the affiliation to the owner or government or whatever it is called. While on the other hand, it has to deal with people and even his own colleagues. Specifically in the context of becoming one of the significant actors getting involved in the future development of Bali tourism, the Public Relations of the Inna Grand Bali Beach (IGBB) IA Dewi Apriyanti, Avilla Hospitality Marketing Communications Alfiana Pontoh, Marketing Manager of the Inna Sindhu Beach I Nengah Mustika and Public Relations of Taman Nusa Gianyar I Gede Panca Buana Karya agreed that their presence should provide a positive meaning in the history of Bali tourism.

alfiana PontohI Gede Panca Buana Karyai Nengah mustikaIA Dewi Apriyanti delivered that a company was inseparable from the role of public relations because it played a role to embrace the community. “PR has a hand in conveying the vision and mission of the company such as a hotel. Therefore, public relations should always establish a good relationship not only with the government and the media but also make an approach to the community,” she said. By embracing the community, she said, it automatically engaged them. So, we could know if there was a complaint against the company’s existence, especially the one standing in the middle of society. “In any hotel activity at the IGBB like beach cleanup, hotel anniversary and CSR, we always invite them to participate. It is intended to generate the sense of belonging and togetherness. If the relations between the public relations and the community are good, it is not difficult to build tourism. In essence, both parties must be mutually beneficial, synergistic and harmonious,” she explained.

I Nengah Mustika who is still one group with the IGBB added the statement. According to him, the most important thing in establishing relationship with the community was communication. “If there are issues related to the community, we certainly held an open house by inviting customary leaders. Here, we shared while having lunch. Should there be any problem they would like to tell, we communicate in a familial atmosphere. So until now, the relationship between the management of our hotel to the public are safe and under control,” he said.
Meanwhile, Alfiana Pontoh also revealed similar opinion. She added that other than delivering the vision and mission, public relations should also be active in making socialization. “We do not only build relationships to foreign tourists but also to local community. They respectively play the cultural and traditional role. Here, we help them in promoting and introducing it. One of the ways is by making a bulletin,” she explained.
“Every two weeks, we also have activities involving the public such as beach cleanup and jogging together in Kuta area. We also hold health activities such as toilet cleanup in schools near the hotel. In addition to building through tourism promotion, public relations also play the role in empowering, engaging and improving the welfare of community,” she said.

Not much different from the hotel public relations, I Gede Panca Buana stated the role of public relations was very important. Even, the public relations had multitasking and multifunction role in building the company’s image and tourism in particular. “In addition to the community, travel agency, government and the media, we must also be able to establish a good relationship to the owner and colleagues,” he explained.

A public relations officer, he added, should be able to provide normative, transparent and fair information as well as it might not overly lure. Moreover, it should hold the public trust as well. Then, it continued to provide services and hear the complaints or even the scorn. “Holding public trust is very important. The ultimate weapon to prove that we are trusted is that our head serves as the guarantee,” he added.
Even, in terms of valuable context to the Tri Hita Karana concept, the role of public relations is very important. It is a bridge between the companies and the communities. It plays important role in establishing and maintaining harmony with society to engender the favorable parhyangan (spiritual), pawongan (social) as well as palemahan (environmental) aspect. (BTN/Ocha)



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