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‘Spirit’ of Barong Tektekan Returns at Tanah Lot

Spirit of Barong Tektekan Returns at Tanah LotBarong performance cannot only be seen at Batubulan village. Now, this magical art attraction can also be witnessed at the Tanah Lot tourist attraction. Even, the performance style is very different from the ordinary Barong Dance as it is combined with Tektekan (bamboo split drum), a native art to Tabanan County. Meanwhile, the theme featured is also different, namely the great epic of Mahabharata.

In the launching at Dewi Sinta Hotel, Restaurant & Spa on Sunday (Feb 17), the Barong Tektekan at Tanah Lot entitled “Bima Dadi Caru” or Sacrificing Bima was nicely presented. Supported by 60 dancers and gamelan players, the traditional art performance truly amazed the spectators. Starting from the presentation of Barong Dance to self-stabbing made the audience spellbound. Similarly, the dancers were capable of generating jokes.

The sixty supporting natural artists were averagely consisting of the artists having a wealth of experience in the traditional performing art. The languages in use were Old Javanese, colloquial Balinese and sometimes interspersed with English. In addition, it also presented Joged Bumbung giving the opportunity to tourists to dance together. At the end of the show, the dancers and tourists posed together.

Performance of the Barong Dance was commenced from the pilgrimage of the sage Bheksa Karma along with a servant named I Baru to prepare an exorcism ritual at the Eka Chakra intersection. The ceremony aimed at maintaining the peace of the country. Suddenly, they were confronted by an ogre Baka with the governor and his troops. The ogre asked in order the exorcism paraphernalia could be replaced with a roasted human.

In the second session was narrated the journey of the Pandavas with her beloved mother Kunti Devi who arrived at Eka Chakra land. At that time, the country was engulfed by sadness because every year the people should present a human sacrifice. At that time, the sage Bheksa Karma got the turn to deliver the sacrifice. The Pandavas humbly offered themselves to become the sacrifice. Then, it was decided to choose Bhima as the human sacrifice.

In the ultimate session, the ogre Baka was happy to get a great roasted human. Without being realized, the sacrifice was powerful and mighty. The ogre could not savor it and the battle was then unavoidable. They were both showing off a miracle. The king of ogre transformed into a rangda (evil), while Bima into barong (goodness). Finally, a fierce battle exploded and was filled with self-stubbing.

Other than attended by the management Tanah Lot tourist attraction, the performance was also witnessed by customary apparatus of Beraban village, tourism stakeholders and tourists who happened to make a visit to Tanah Lot. The Barong Tektekan would be presented every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Since 1984
Senior figure of the arts, sponsor and former operator of the tourist object, I Gusti Aryadi, said the Barong Tektekan attraction had actually existed since 1984. It served as additional attraction to restaurants and souvenirs. However, the performance was then turning dormant. It was different from Cak that had become a regular spectacle for tourists. “Now, the management of Tanah Lot tourist attraction would like to revive it. Hopefully, it could draw more visitors,” he said.

Operational Manager of the Tanah Lot tourist attraction, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, said his party considered it necessary to revive the art that had reached a glory period. Aside from serving as optional attraction for tourists, it was also a form of the art and cultural preservation. “Presentation of the Barong Dance will be held every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. I have confidence this attraction will be able to draw visitors. Moreover, domestic tourists coming from Java usually have made transit, taken a rest and showered at the tourist attraction since at 06:00 a.m. By all means, this art becomes their first presentation,” he said. Meanwhile, his party would also constantly present the Cak Dance every afternoon before the sunset. “Tabanan having Tektekan and Okokan will also prepare the other arts to be performed regularly. We will look for an opportunity in order we can also insert the typical arts of Tabanan. Presentation of the additional art performances is also necessary to avoid monotonous impression,” he said. (BTN/015)

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