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Waka di Ume Resort and Spa A Sojourn to Witness Cultural Uniqueness of Ubud

Who does not know the Island of Gods or Bali? It’s the bijou island offering all the natural beauties and intriguing sublime cultures. People who never pay a visit can tell much about the island, let alone those knowing it just in a dream.

Bali is situated east of Java Island having access within easy reach, either by land, sea, or air. With such an easy access, this island is then popularly chosen as a favorite tourist destination. Aside from several amazing beaches, Balinese culture can also be taken advantage as an endless tourist attraction because many temples retain very high cultural values. In addition, Bali is also delighted to offer natural attractions in the form of mountain and terraced rice fields resembling a verdant overlay of rug.

One of the convenient locations situating among the rice field, jungle and mountainous gorges is Ubud. It is an appropriate sojourn and destination located in the region of Gianyar Regency. Here you can find a unique resort offering the indigenous Balinese concept highlighting the harmonious relationship of human to environment, fellow humans and the Creator, namely the Waka di Ume Resort and Spa.

Many fascinating attractions can be encountered here, ranging from relishing the natural atmosphere up to learning the native cultures. “Here, we also invite our guests to appreciate the natural environment, cultural and social life of the Ubud community,” said I Wayan Duartha, General Manager of the Waka di Ume Resort and Spa. With such various activities, many tourists were attracted to stay at Waka.

A variety of facilities have been provided to support the comfort and satisfaction of every single guest. Waka di Ume Resort and Spa established on November 5, 1995 has 18 rooms, consisting of 3-bedroom Wapa Villa with private pool, 2-bedroom Family Villa with private pool, Villa with Pool, Di Ume Suite, Terrace Villa and the smallest one is the Lanai Terrace. Room rates of the Waka di Ume Resort and Spa ranges from USD 244 to USD 655. Such rates have included government tax, service and breakfast.

More interestingly, the Waka di Ume Resort and Spa lies very close to the natural and cultural attractions. Among others, they are monkey forest, art museums, Goa Gajah, Ceking rice terrace, Tirta Empul temple at Tampaksiring, Tampaksiring Presidential Palace, and Petulu village becoming the native and convenient home to thousands of white egrets.

One day, if you want to make a visit to the island, especially when would like to luxuriate in the countryside ambience with five star facilities, look no further and decide on the Waka di Ume Resort and Spa as your serene sojourn on the island.

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