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Gumbrih Tourism Water Park

Taman Wisata Air GumbrihThe Gumbrih Tourism Water Park is located at Gumbrih village, Pekutatan subdistrict, Jembrana County. It is an interesting tourist attraction because it combines the beauty of Pangyangan River having a quiet stream with the green coconut and nypa palm along the river. Visitors can climb down the river with motorized boat driven by a professional boatman. The distance to be covered is less than 2 kilometers, with a stopping point on the bridge denoting as the border of Gumbrih and Pangyangan. In addition to enjoying the green trees, visitors can also see a variety of wildlife such as egrets and lizards. Not only that, the Pangyangan River also has various kinds of fish such as red snapper, marbled eel, shrimp and crab. The Gumbrih Tourism Water is the best place to enjoy the natural waters while relaxing and escape from the urban frenzies

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Saturday, August 23, 2014
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