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Perancak Tourist Object

pantai perancakPerancak is a beautiful tourist object, where its shoreline is embellished by fishing boats offering distinctive beauty. Every year, the Perancak tourist object hosts a traditional rowing boat race usually coupled with the anniversary of the Negara town. Besides, Perancak village has a sea turtle preservation known as Kurma Asih because Perancak Beach is perfect place for turtles to lay egg.

At this location, travelers can enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the activity of releasing turtle hatchlings to the sea. In addition, at Perancak village also sits the Marine Technology Research Center, a terrestrial station of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) functioning to determine the gathering points of fish in the sea assisted by satellite monitoring. Ultimately, the village also has a sea water distillery into mineral water with high level of oxygen under brand Megumi.

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