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My Lovely Bali

A New Year’s Gift

gede-palgunadiPROBABLY it is a New Year’s gift. Selection of Bali as one of the best tourist islands in the world based on the results of survey conducted by a US-based travel magazine, Travel + Leisure, on the one hand it makes us proud. Just imagine that Bali is only defeated by the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Bali, once again, based on the survey of the New York-based travel magazine, got higher score than the Maldives, Hawaii and Phuket that have the potential for a beautiful beach. We are justifiably proud.



A Safe Bali

gede-palgunadiBloody clashes between mass organizations at Kerobokan Prison some time ago is tremendously surprising. Just imagine the condition of Bali commonly known to be very safe is very much tarnished by the incident. Many parties then give their comments. They are denouncing, deploring as well as getting sad and angry and so on. Everything has happened. It must be understood by all parties that Bali relying on tourism industry requires a safe and comfortable condition.




gede-palgunadiImportant things were revealed in the discussion related to the seventeenth anniversary of Bali Travel News (BTN) falling on December 4, 2015. In the informal discussions was revealed that greed factor significantly threat the preservation of Bali tourism in the future.The greed disclosed by participants tends to directed at investors’ behavior. Both domestic and foreign investors in Bali only make an investment. They do less appreciative things for the customs, culture and environment as the main capital of Bali tourism. Besides, they lack of awareness of Bali itself in the context of tourism actors, the owner of tourism as well as those having the most responsibility for the sustainability.



David versus Goliath

gede-palgunadiAn expert on religion some time ago came to our editorial office. It’s no need to mention his name. Recently his name is often slandered in mass media, especially in social media. This rather elderly father has made controversial statement being considered to support the Benoa Bay reclamation project that is opposed by many people.

At length, he tried to defend himself by giving explanations and background of his controversial statement. One of them is that he compares Bali to Singapore and Malaysia. According to him, Bali also needs a big project like in the two countries. Oh, my God why can this religious expert have such an opinion?



Pursuing a Dream

gede-palgunadiThere is a bitter criticism directed at the government in Bali about the distribution of tourism. It has emerged since long time ago. Unfortunately there has been no significant solution to these days. It has something to do with wide inequality gap between the tourism development in Southern Bali and Northern Bali. To shorten the gap, local governments began to vie by boosting tourism in the region.

One of which is by facilitating the licensing process of tourism development. As a result, many hotels, villas, restaurants and other tourism facilities emerge throughout the counties. So, they do not only focus on Badung, Denpasar, Tabanan and Gianyar. Some regions are successful with this measure, while some others are not. Those that are not, even face a more serious problem, namely the increasing number of productive paddy land conversion and environmental contamination.



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