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Bad Habit

gede-palgunadiDisaster occurred everywhere in our country. Why is our country getting more familiar with the wrath of nature? Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra erupted, flood hit Jakarta and several other regions in Java. Many areas were flooded. They claimed many casualties and material losses are countless. Similarly, Bali is unable to escape from the wrath of nature. Avalanches occurred at some places.

“These happen because we do not care about nature. We’re getting farther from the teachings of the Lord,” complained a friend of mine. He was still absorbed in reading newspaper and flipped through the pages several times. I wondered what news he was looking for. “Flooding disaster increases because we have kindled them. We do not want to follow the rhythm of nature. Forests are cleared. Watersheds are planted with concrete jungle, rivers are taken advantage to dispose rubbish,” he grumbled.

I just listened to him. “It happens because we are never disciplined,” he accused again while giving a small example about trash. “People are still acting carelessly and arbitrarily. Drainage is used to dispose garbage and so is the river. Well, here is the aftermath when it rains like this. Floods occur everywhere,” he exclaimed. Bali, he said, should very much understand about small thing like this. “Bali indeed does understand, but the human officers never understand,” he said as if he answered his own question.
“I do not know how to make our society disciplined. Should we ask them to go overseas?” he asked again. As his another soliloquy, I remained to listen to him patiently. After that, he told a story, if our people traveled overseas, they were extraordinary disciplined. For instance, when they travel to Singapore, they did not want to litter, not want to smoke carelessly. When crossing the road, they would certainly do it at zebra crossing. If they queued, they did it orderly and politely. Unfortunately, they never did that in their home country. They littered carelessly, smoked recklessly, overtook haphazardly and drove recklessly and so on.

“Should we invite them all to travel overseas?” I asked while laughing. “Ha ha ha …, we can go bankrupt,” he laughed, too. “Yes that is it,” he added, “and discipline, tolerance, idol and role model are getting rarer here. “You see, those who travel overseas are so disciplined, but when returning to their home country they still behave badly,” he said.

Furthermore, is it necessary to impose any penalty like in Singapore? “Fine? It’s like Singapore known as a Fine City?” he asked with a smirk. In Singapore, fine signifies a penalty, he said. Well, what about in Indonesia? “It’s a kind of homophone and homograph, but having a lot of meanings. ‘Fine’ here is defined as ‘good’ so it’s okay,” he said while grinning. Indeed, it is required a good example to change such a bad habit. However, the problem is that how to change it into good when the officials, community leaders and others very rarely give a good example.

In managing and developing Bali as a world-class tourist destination, we find numerous inequalities. Mismatch of planning with the reality in the field frequently happened. Exploitation of Bali as economic commodity is often more prominent than Bali as a sustainable tourist destination. Overlapping policies are quite commonplace. It has become a bad habit for our officials. However, that’s the problem, the awareness indeed needs long time to come and live in the heart of our policy makers, community leaders, religious leaders, investors and so on. By degrees, such a bad habit will be well maintained. As a result, we’re getting closer to the wrath of nature rather than getting closer to nature and keep it naturally.

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