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Formula One

gede-palgunadiThe discourse on the development of Formula One (F1) racing circuit emerges again to the surface. Reportedly, the land of Bali government covering hundreds of hectares in Jembrana County will be transformed into the most prestigious racing circuit on earth. As usual, it also draws lots of pros and cons. As a matter of fact, this proposal has emerged more than a decade ago. The originator was I Gede Wiratha, one of the Bali’s successful tourism businessmen. Wiratha, the native to Jembrana or the region of buffalo race, once occupied the position as chairman of the Indonesia Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) of Bali and the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) of Bali.

At that time, the pros and cons were also growing. However, over time such discourse was slowly disappearing. Factually, it is not easy to realize the dream of building a circuit. Moreover, it is in the caliber of the F1 circuit. Many strict regulations must be qualified. And do not forget it requires a very large amount of capital. A desire and land capital alone is not really enough. The inclusion of Singapore, Malaysia and Russia in the Formula One racing calendar was equally not free from the intervention of respective country leader. Prime Minister Mahathir, Prime Minister Lee and Vladimir Putin also contributed to realize the dream.
Then, why does Bali want to get its epigone? Obviously this is also a matter of money contained in the great name owned by Bali as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Do not make any mistake! Other than requiring much money, it also needs a tough struggle to get into the world class circuit. In Asia, there has been in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, China and India. Why does Bali want to enter the row of the elite?

Really and sorry, it is the matter of money. How many regions are quite capable of doing it in terms of financial, cultural, social and multitude of other considerations? Why do policy makers in Bali always think big and dream big? Why do they not take a big action on the mature consideration, sensibility and harmony with the potential owned by Bali?

The airport in North Bali has not been realized yet, but another big dream has appeared in broad daylight. Remember, the small island of Bali stays to struggle with the very complex problems, such as population, traffic, garbage, water, land use and so on. Everyone in Bali seemingly, especially the policy maker, financier and investor, wants to be like King Midas. What he touches can change into gold instantly. Do they understand when everything he touches will change into gold? Ultimately, King Midas hassles himself precisely because every meal or the food changes into gold. How ironic it is!

Apparently we really need a leader who thoroughly understands about Bali as a whole, externally and internally. How can we talk about the fate of Balinese people if in his blood does not flow a love of Bali? Absolutely it’s non-sense. Frankly speaking, by analogizing the F1 race itself, Bali is now moving very quickly. There must be a braking action. Not all the highways are straight. There are sharp and hazardous turns. Any small mistake can be dangerous and leads to fatal consequences. (Gde Palgunadi/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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