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Badung Adopts Drainage and Sanitation System of Surabaya

Badung Adopts Drainage and Sanitation System of SurabayaBadung County known as an international tourist destination always provides comfort for community as well as travelers. Public facilities like parks are always kept clean and beautiful. Similarly, it also manages the drainage system, so as to overcome the stagnant rainwater or flood. Therefore, Badung always makes innovation. Even, it does not hesitate to learn from other regions. On April 28 to May 2, the Badung government conducted a Week Development Information (PIP) to Surabaya Municipality and Bandung County. It was meant to realize Badung as comfortable town and the town of the future. The PIP involved a number of print and electronic journalists led by Badung Regent AA Gde Agung. They were received by the Secretary of Surabaya Municipality Hendro Gunawan and a number of regional working units. Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini who was on assignment in Jakarta met the entourage of the PIP Badung in the afternoon before the evening. After that, she flew back to Jakarta.

During the journey, the existing parks in the City of the Heroes looked so clean and beautiful. Other than being shady, the parks were also equipped with various means of community needs. There were casual seating, stage of performances, indoor soccer field; skate board arena, socialization venue and means of outbound. Street vendors were neatly arranged and the parks were equipped with Wi-Fi facilities. Aside from being guarded by officers for 24 hours, the parks also included CCTV so that the safety and comfort were well maintained. The parks were ideal place to relax or just for refreshing. On that account, public facilities became more livelier and active parks. So it was not surprising if a number of parks in Surabaya achieved world recognition where one of which was from the United Nations. Those parks were often chosen as a venue of community service, starting from the driving license extension services to blood donation. Bungkul Park located on Jalan Darmo was the most crowded. Meanwhile, the Achievement Park was equipped with water recreation. Then, people could also explore the Kalimas River by boat.

Secretary of Surabaya Municipality, Hendro Gunawan, said that other than functioning for beauty and greenery, a number of existing parks were also functioned as recreational park, religious and socialization venue. At the moment, Surabaya city had totally 25 active parks. “A number of parks in Surabaya achieved international award,” he said. To change the face of the city, his party allocated a budget of IDR 440 billion from the regional budget of Surabaya. In addition to arranging the parks, the fund was also used to process the waste so that it could provide benefits for the people of Surabaya. “The important thing is raising the awareness and changing the mindset of society so as not littering,” he said.

According to him, local regulations and rules would not be enough without being supported by community awareness. Therefore, the government was very concerned to beautify the face of the city of Surabaya. “At the beginning, the mayor intervened and swept with the janitors. By that way, the others were embarrassed so they took part in maintaining the sanitation,” he said. As for drainage, the Secretary Hendro Gunawan said the management was divided into five regions. There was responsible officer in each region, so the waste and water discharge were always controlled. In this case, the government was also applying technology to lift up the rubbish in the river and drainage.

In addition, the sophisticated machine was also equipped with a water pump to cope with large volumes of river water. When it rained heavily, a large volume of rainwater would be discharged as soon as possible. Drainage was constructed under the road, so as to maximize the use of existing land.
Meanwhile, the Regent Gde Agung said the governance of drainage systems and urban park pilot of Surabaya City was proved to resolve flooding and made Surabaya have the best city parks in the world. “Well, this is what we are looking for so that it can be applied in Badung,” he said.
Related to the PIP results in Surabaya, added Regent Gde Agung, it would be followed up by a discussion in the regional budget meeting with the regional working units. This would be designed in 2015 to be integrated in the e-government.

A number of officials who participated in the PIP activity included the Regional Secretary of Badung government Kompyang R Swandika, expert staff of development Made Lison, Head of Highways and Irrigation Agency IB Surya Suamba, Head of Sanitation and Landscaping Agency Putu Eka Mertawan, Head of General Affairs IB Oka Dirga, Spokesperson AA Gede Raka Yuda and 14 journalists of print and electronic media. (BTN/015)

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