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Our Guest

Rama Garden Hotel

Lovely Accommodation to Relax

Rama Garden HotelDeborah Caro and Tami Caro are the guests who stayed at Rama Garden Hotel. The foreign tourists from Perth, Australia was originally only tried breakfast at Rama Garden Sports Bar and Restaurant. Then both look around and interested to stay at the hotel. The hotel that is famous with village nuance in the middle of modern lifestyle in Legian, Kuta.



Feel Night Atmosphere at Anumana

Feel Night Atmosphere at AnumanaMr and Mrs Petr Garmashov were the guest at Anumana Bay View Hotel. They were very happy during their stay at the new hotel opened on August 1, 2014. According to them, it was very wonderful occasion where they could see romantic panorama in the night at Anumana Bay View Hotel.

They said everything is clean and mostly new. "I can still feel the pleasant smell of paint, concrete and wood. We were pleasantly surprised to be in this hotel. Our room faces north side. We are in the southern hemisphere and the sun is north," delivered Mr Petr.



Monkey Forest

Nice Place to See Cute Monkeys

Monkey ForestSeeing hundreds of monkeys hanging around the trees and roaming in the forest, apparently becomes a memorable experience for the tourist. Moreover, having an opportunity to hold the monkey and feeding some bananas for them, certainly it is very exciting.

It was experienced by Rae Kelli Hofmeister who first came to Bali especially Ubud Monkey Forest Tourist Attraction. “We are having a great time in Monkey Forest. We are surprise because there are many monkeys that are very close with the human. I can see the baby monkeys, in which they looked cute when hanging under their mom. It is so fun,” she revealed friendly.



Refreshing Mind at Taman Air Spa

Refreshing Mind at Taman Air SpaThese two beautiful women, Ohyame Shuhei and Kazumi are smiling broadly after enjoying and trying a treatment at Taman Air Spa & Self Pampering. From the spa room, both went out with a fragrant aroma, radiant face and fragrant perfumes of traditional scrubs.

When they arrived in Bali, they indeed planned to try spa treatment in Bali. After browsing through the internet, they were interested in trying the treatment and massage offered at the Taman Air Spa & Self Pampering. As a result, they were satisfied. “Evidently, trying to enjoy the spa treatment here is not disappointing. My skin feels smooth and mind is getting fresher,” said Japanese traveler who was very the first time to try the spa at the venue.

All services provided by the staff, said Ohyame, were very friendly. They provided treatment and massage with a very good and enjoyable ambience. In addition, they were also pleased with the strategic location, easily accessible and close to hotel where they were staying. “We stay in Seminyak area, so it’s easy for us to come here,” said the travelers spending their holiday in Bali on July 27-31.

At that time, Kazumi revealed if she was very pleased with the relaxing and soothing spa atmosphere. The combination of Chinese and Balinese decorative style ornament added to the beauty of the atmosphere. Moreover, there was a pool that featured water gurgling. “It is relaxing and having fun. We will share the experience of enjoying spa and recommend my friends to get a spa treatment here. If we are going to visit Bali again, we will come back to the Taman Air Spa,” she said. (BTN/ocha)


Enjoying Ubud at Wapa di Ume

Enjoying Ubud at Wapa di UmeWapa di Ume Resort & Spa is one of interesting accommodation to feel the beauty of Ubud Village, Bali. Many tourists are interested to coma and stay in the village. Among them are Mr. William Bennet and Mrs. Linda Bennet, two repeater guests who really enjoy their stay at the resort.



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