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Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction to hold art festival

Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction to hold art festivalTravelers visiting Tanah Lot in August 2015 will be treated to the unique cultural art known as a bleganjur competition, organized by the management to highlight the creativity of young Balinese. The competition is bound to be interesting as it calls on young people to be innovative in creating gamelan musical compositions.

Operations Manager of the Tanah Lot tourist attraction, Toya Adnyana, said that the competition between gamelan troupes from all over the Kediri district of Tabanan, will be held over three days on August 21-23. “A total of 23 bleganjur gamelan troupes will compete, while providing entertainment for visitors to Tanah Lot as they enjoy the sunset” he said.


Dwi Agus Kristianto

Enhances alluring historical aura

Dwi Agus KristiantoThe Inna Bali Hotel, not wanting to have its history lost to modernization, is reviving the spirit and potential of this historical site. The new General Manager of the Inna Bali Hotel, Dwi Agus Kristianto. Agus has worked with the Inna group for a long time and is in full support of this endeavour.

Agus, born on August 4, 1967 recognises that the hotel has many unique features, including its location, and its iconic history that denotes the architectural legacy of the Dutch colonial era. Since it was established in 1920, this hotel has been a popular landmark of the city of Denpasar. “Many state guests and world leaders have stayed here including Queen Elisabeth, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and the President of Thailand” he explained.


Fandy Lo

Love Harmony of Chinese and Balinese Community

Fandy Lo Love Harmony of Chinese and Balinese   CommunityBuddhist community living in Bali has just celebrated Lunar New Year with joy and humility. Most of them are descendants of Chinese immigrants who work in several fields such as tourism. What about the harmony and the impression on their life on the Island of the Gods? Let’s ask the friend of Bali Travel News who is engaged in the field of tourism, Fandy Lo. This man of Chinese descent is now occupying the position of Marketing Manager at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.
Fandy, it is the familiar address of this young man from Jakarta. He saw that Bali had a good level of tolerance and excellent local wisdom when set foot on the island last 2.5 years ago. It was proved by the establishment of some places of worship of various faiths practiced by Chinese diaspora in Bali. Additionally, Fandy considered that many Chinese entrepreneurs and workers who migrated to Bali making friends with the locals. Even, they had a close friendship. “Bali is like a second home where the weekend and holiday seem more relaxing. I am warmly received in the office environment and society,” he kindly said.


Zefnath Huwae

Offer Tuna Pizza with Raw Condiment Toppings  

Zefnath Huwae Offer Tuna Pizza with Raw Condiment ToppingsHaving explored the tourism industry for 25 years, Zefnath Huwae gets a wealth of valuable experiences. He is a chef from Ambon who is now working in Bali, exactly at the Ibis Style Legian Kuta. Chef Sonny, as he is familiarly called, has roamed around to some countries such as America, Singapore and Australia. In his voyage he gained a lot of knowledge and secrets of cooking.

Not satisfied with such experience, this graduate of the PPLP Dyana Pura is still challenging himself to constantly learn and do creative work. “Being a chef is not my initial goal. However, due to curiosity, I feel to be challenged and eventually attended tourism school. There I finally fell in love with culinary world,” he recalled.



Love Environment by Saving Electricity

Love Environment by Saving ElectricityLove your environment and the environment will also love you. It is the tagline adopted by The Royal Eighteen Resort & Spa and the Grand La Villais Hotel & Villas. The hotel managed by The Living Kusemas Hospitality so far continues to implement the energy-saving concept.

Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager, Felina, said that her party had commitment to saving electricity. For instance, it was implemented by turning off the lights and air conditioning when housekeeping did cleaning up rooms, calling on all employees to turn off lights, computers and air conditioner individually after office hours and minimizing the use of elevators by using stairs. “Saving power is our program every day,” she said friendly.


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