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Gede Nik Sukarta Maintaining Cultural Tourism

Gede Nik Sukarta Maintaining Cultural TourismKeeping Bali to stay on the tracks of cultural tourism and preserving cultural tourism are difficult task. It is not enough to be kept only by government or tourism businesspeople alone, but it must be shared equally. It was revealed by General Manager of Kayu Raja Villa, Gede Nik Sukarta, recently to Bali Travel News. As one of the Tri Hita Karana (THK) Nugraha 2013 achievers, this villa had been already trying to maintain the relationship to the Creator (parhyangan), to employees and surrounding community (pawongan) and to natural environment (palemahan).

“However, the government as policy holder and regulators surely has a more important role in realizing it, namely maintaining and improving the quality of cultural tourism itself,” said Nik. Currently, he added, Bali tourism was leading to mass tourism, and all people admitted it. “We cannot blame on such field conditions,” he said. Besides, we might not blame how condotel and budget hotels could appear like mushrooms in rainy season. He added that it happened because the market was indeed available.

For this reason, he truly expected the government to hold intensive communication to the public. It should be done to the community of tourism, culture and all the components so that Bali could improve the quality of cultural tourism and preserve the cultural tourism itself. “This issue is very important,” he said. (BTN/pal)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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