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In memoriam Desak Gede Raka Nadha. Her spirit to Preserve Bali Live on

In memoriam Desak Gede Raka Nadha Her spirit to Preserve Bali Live onThe late Desak Gede Raka Nadha was known to have a great spirit started from the war era until the end of her age. Even tough she passed away at the age of 86 years old, but her spirit will live on forever and could become an inspiration for many people. According to Ida Pedanda Gede Made Gunung, the late Desak Raka is a true warrior, started from physically through her spirit to fight to preserve Bali. “We will miss her. Her spirit will last forever,” he said on Sunday, December 2, 2012.

The priest came to Pesraman Lumajang to pray and give tribute to Desak Raka. He said that the late was not gone but only changing outfit into a better one. Desak Raka will continue his work using the new clothes. Pedanda Gunung reminded that the spirit of Desak Raka cannot be forgotten especially in her effort to preserve Bali. “Even tough her body is not around but the spirit is still exist and must be followed as an example,” he added.

Pedanda Gunung also explained that the spirit of Desak Raka can be seen by her effort in developing Bali Post Media Group to preserve and unite Bali. With the media, she can give knowledge to the people of Bali. He urged that the ceremony given to the late must be known completely. It means that the big ceremony is not only a symbol but must be done correctly. The most important thing is everyone willingly pray for the late and the rest of the family who is left behind. Ida Pedanda also support the pray which is done during visiting the house.

Compliment for Desak Raka was also coming from Ida Rsi Agung Wayabiya Suprabu Sogata Karang. The Rsi from Sabha Budaya Hindu Bali Foundation said that he admired the spirit of Desak raka especially in education. She was the pioneer of education development in Bali and until his last days, she still gave information through media, such as TV, newspaper and radio. The spirit of Desak Raka is also passed on to the students so they can follow the footstep of Desak Raka. Her spirit in education had led to the birth of many great leaders. There is great hope that the spirit will be carried on forever.

The fight done by Desak Gede Raka Nadha becomes a special memory of the Head of Asrham Gandi Candidasa, Karangasem, Viraguna Bagoes Oka, M.A. He stated that the late is the role model that shoul be followed by everyone.

The commitment and the hard work of Desak Raka must be followed by the youth. “Her attitude must be followed by the younger generation,” said Viraguna. The one that impress him the most is the consistency of the late to preserve Bali. This spirit must be maintained forever.

“The spirit of the late Desak Raka cannot be forgotten by the youngsters, this is for the glory of Bali,” he added during his visit to Pesraman Lumajang to pray for Desak Raka. In the age of 66 years old, Desak Raka established Pesraman Lumajang. There is a special garden in the pesraman where the students learn to take care of plants and live independent.

The “ngeringkes” ceremony will be held on Thursday at 3.30 pm continued by the “pelebon” ceremony on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 10 am at Lumajang, Samsam Village, Kerambitan, Tabanan (BTN/kmb)

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Saturday, August 02, 2014
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