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Tia Hanafiah

Revealing Secrets to Make Guests Happy

Tia Hanafiah Revealing Secrets to Make Guests HappyGuests denote valuable assets in the world of hospitality, especially tourism. Without giving special attention, they will likely move to another heart. It was said by Tia Hanafiah who is now entrusted to be the Leisure Manager at the InterContinental Bali Resort. Well, because she does not want her guests to be disappointed, she has personal techniques to make hotel guests happy.

This woman graduated from Hotel Management at the Bandung Tourism Institute officially joined the InterContinental in August 2013. Working in the field of tourism is not the first experience. The figure known to have a sweet smile has a wealth of experience. No wonder, she looks sprightly to play a role and serves wholeheartedly. “I started my career in Celebrity Fitness where I was responsible as manager. Afterward, I longed to work at hotel and started as a Public Relations Officer at the Grand Mahakam Hotel Jakarta. In addition, I also once managed a training department at the Grand America Hotel Group, USA for 1 year,” she said modestly when starting the interview. Her overseas experience increasingly gave more insights in the world of tourism, especially in the field of leisure. At that time, she returned to Indonesia and joined Sheraton Bandara Jakarta as Recreation Manager. At the same hotel, she knew and got interested in spa.

This interest led her to seek a more profound experience by working at Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, Malaysia as Spa Manager for 2 years. “I also worked at Le Meridien while attending college majoring in spa education at PIBI Spa School to deepen my knowledge. Furthermore, I was attracted to work at the InterContinental and wanted to apply the knowledge having been learned,” she said. With the potentials at her new workplace, she said that her new ideas showed up instantly. Even, she did not hesitate to ask for advice and learn from her seniors at the InterContinental. “After observation here, I then implemented the ideas at hand and make improvement at the leisure concierge,” she said.

Then, how to make guests happy? The figure familiarly called Tia answered that there were a lot of techniques. “In addition to hard work wholeheartedly, I personally have techniques to make guests happy, namely with a new touch. In other words, I always provide an improvement and updates in the field of leisure. So, in the future, if they come back, there is always something interesting, unique and new without leaving the characteristic of the resort,” she said. No less important, she said, was to give a feel. For example, it could be made by providing a range of guest recreation activities that were interesting, unique, fun and age-appropriate. It was intended to make guests not get bored and they freely breathed the air and felt the atmosphere of Bali and just wanted to stay at the resort.

“Guest Activities and Recreation are supporting and complementary elements. Currently, we have Yoga Class, Bayu Suci, Healing Meditation, Pranayama Yoga, Breathing Exercise, Reiki Healing, Reiki Meditation, Sunset Bike Tour, Children Bike Tour, Kedonganan Fishermen’s Village Bike Tour, Colors of Jimbaran Bike Tour, Stand up Paddle Lesson, Surfing Intro Lesson, Body Boarding Lesson, Lesson, Tennis Lesson and Beach Soccer. We also offer Cultural Discovery including the Balinese Dance Lesson, Temple Visit, Balinese Cooking Class, Balinese Language Lesson, Jimbaran Village Visit and Gamelan Lesson,” she explained.

Additionally, she also provided additional activities such as Turtle Release, Swimming Lesson, Snorkeling Lesson, Massage, Spa, Capoeira, Boot Camp, Massage Lesson, Beach Volleyball and Aquarobic. “Guests staying at this resort are those of middle-up class. They are mostly family and couple of different ages. So, we offer about 20 types of guest activities. By all means, the existence of guest activities and recreation poses an added value for star resort in Bali other than beach view, garden, safety and comfort,” she explained. So far, the recreations provided were very supportive. So, her arrival was just to sweeten, share new experiences, maintain and upgrade. In addition, she was also eager to succeed in terms of revenue, and give the impression of more experiences in recreation. “In conclusion, meet guests with dedication, sincere and helpful services,” she concluded. (BTN/ocha)

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