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Sport and Recreation

Waterbom Bali Never-ending Quest to Improve

Waterbom Bali Never-ending Quest to ImproveWaterbom Bali has always focused itself on its never-ending quest to improve; in 2013 Waterbom Bali began part 1 of 2 phases and committed to the biggest renovation and innovation enhancement project since its birth in 1993. “Phase 1 was completed in May 2014, where Waterbom Bali introduced four brand new slides that use the latest slide path designs as well as innovative fiberglass technology. Waterbom works with the leading waterslide manufacturer in the industry, WhiteWater, which always supplies for the likes of Disney and many other famed waterparks around the world. It’s with this kind of trust that deliversa perfect combination of safety and creativity. Said Sayan Gullino, General Manager Waterbom Bali


Beautiful Dance in Pitik Kites Festival

Beautiful Dance in Pitik Kites Festival 1“Children dance their kites while singing to make them happy”. This is an approximate translation of an excerpt from a Balinese song that was sung to encourage the youth who participated in the Pitik Kites Festival that took place in the paddy field of Abasan Sari, Pitik hamlet, Pedungan village, South Denpasar, on Saturday (Jul. 18). Various types of kites with different colors decorated the sky above the paddy fields. Some kites swerved about to the right and to the left, while others smoothly followed the wind currents.


Hawaii a Club Bali Resort

Hawaii a Club Bali Resort 1Hawaii a Club Bali Resorts opened in early 2010, the resort is the newest and most complete full service resort on the West Java coastline. Strategically located on the west coast of Java, Indonesia Hawaii a Club Bali Resort is a short trip by road from Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and many of Jakarta’s Central Business District hotels and office complexes. It sits just opposite Anak Krakatau Island, on a stretch of Java coastline that offers panoramic views of both Java and Sumatra and is within a comfortable distance of the famous Ujung Kulon National Park, home of the WWF Javanese Rhinoceros breeding preserve and many other amazing local attractions.


World Yoga Day

3,600 People Join Mass Yoga and Meditation in Bali

World Yoga Day 1A total of 3,600 people involved in mass yoga and meditation in the north field of the Bajra Sandhi Monument, Sunday (Jun. 21). From six o’clock in the morning, the venue has been thronged by yoga practitioners from all over Bali and even foreign travelers. This spiritual event was held in relation to the commemoration of the World Yoga Day and it managed to break the record as the most yoga participants.


Tanah Lot Visited by 1.2 Million Travelers

Tanah Lot Visited by 1.2 Million Travelers 2Tanah Lot becomes a favorite tourist attraction in Bali. It is fine that the tourist attraction located at Beraban village, Kediri subdistrict, Tabanan is always crowded with visitors. During the period of January to May 2015, there were 1,297,856 domestic and foreign travelers making a visit to this famous object offering magnificent sunset and cultural attraction.


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    As an international tourist destination, Bali may be regarded as a miniature of societal diversity.…



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