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Sport and Recreation

BHA Chess Competition

BHA Chess CompetitionBali Hotel Association (BHA) held sport competition on February 24 and 25. The competition was chess tournament and officially opened by Director of Sport & Culture, Latetitia Delvart Sugandi and General Manager the Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort, Residences & Spa, I Ketut Budha. The competition was to support the chess to school activity led by the head of Bali Chess Organization (Percasi) Ni Putu Widiari S.SS. the chess competition is one of the program of BHA. This year, 52 participants were joining the event where most of them are hoteliers. In this competition, BHA work together with Bali Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI)


Surfing Mania at Batubolong Coast Tanah Lot

Surfing Mania at Batubolong Coast Tanah LotSurfing has really gained popularity in Tanah Lot. As the sun approaches the horizon, you can see line of young Balinese men approaching the beach on their surfboards, controlling them with the same gracefullness as in their traditional dances, mastering the waves and penetrating the tubes. Surfing in Bali is said to have began at some time around 1970 although it is likely a lucky few were surfing the island to there selves some years before then. Bali in many peoples opinion is a surfing theme park with so many different waves on a relatively small island for all abilities and all year round consistency.


Explore Badung River, Denpasar Tourism Office Holds Canoe Competition

Explore Badung River Denpasar Tourism Office Holds Canoe CompetitionWhen being accustomed to canoeing on the beach, doing it in a river will be surely different. If you do not believe, just have a look at the action made by the canoe lovers in the Badung River in the Buagan Dam, Jalan Taman Pancing, Pemogan village, South Denpasar. Although they were used to doing it and well-experienced, they seemed to still get difficulty in conquering the existing terrain. They had to think and try hard in order to reach finish.

It was the atmosphere of canoeing and rafting competition in celebrating the 227th anniversary of the City of Denpasar, Sunday (Feb. 22). It was organized by the Denpasar Government Tourism Office followed by 150 participants including the circles of students, college students and the public. There was also the participation of Australian citizen. Marked by the spread of fingerlings into the river, the canoe competition was inaugurated in person by the Head of the Denpasar Government Tourism Office, I Wayan Gunawan.


Nusa Penida , Marine Tourism Heaven

Nusa Penida  Marine Tourism HavenNusa Penida with its magnificent marine attractions remains a favorite for domestic and foreign tourists. The marine attractions are very beautiful with a variety of fish and live corals embellishing the pristine blue waters around this small island. “Because of the exceptionally beautiful sea around Nusa Penida, Quicksilver Cruise always takes their passengers to visit this remarkable destination” said Marketing Officer of Quicksilver, David Andrew, from the pontoons during the christening of a new vessel on Sunday (Feb 1).


Absorption of Playing Canoe on Pandawa Beach

Absorption of Playing Canoe on Pandawa BeachCanoeing on Sanur Beach has been a commonplace. But, what about canoeing on Pandawa Beach? Wow ... it’s fun and very enjoyable. Although it is in the ocean, the water ripples are excellent for canoeing. View of the beach is very beautiful. And for spiritualists, they will feel comfortable of being on the beach. Pandawa Beach is a tourist attraction located at Kutuh village, South Kuta, Badung. The white sandy beach is crowded by travelers with daily average of 10,000 people. And at the end of 2014 and welcoming the year 2015, it hosted the Pandawa Beach Festival and could draw abundant tourist arrivals.


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