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Kuta Beach, an Ideal Place for Surfing

Kuta Beach an Ideal Place for SurfingTravelling in Bali seems incomplete without making the time to stop off on Kuta Beach. Aside from offering panoramic sunset, the white sandy beach with tempting waves is also known as the best surfing spot. Tens or even hundreds of tourists from different countries take advantage of the Kuta Beach to play or just learn to surf.
Josh, one of the surfing hobbyists from South Korea, claimed to be tempted by the waves of Kuta Beach. When first coming to Bali and visit Kuta Beach, this slant-eyed man was directly interested in surfing. ‘Surfing is my main goal for coming to Bali, I am interested in learning to surf because the sport is challenging and fun,” he said.

Surfing in Bali, added Josh accompanied by his mother, would become his favorite. “I will always come to Bali to playing surfing,” said Josh who was still a student.Indeed, the beach located in the international town was always crowded with visitors. At first, they relaxed and a few minutes later they played surfing. “Surfing on Kuta Beach means if he has enjoyed the nature of Bali. The waves are important asset so that it is suitable for a favorite surfing spot,” said a surfing coach from Sumatera usually called Bahari.
If wishing to learn to surf, it is not hard to look for a coach or surfboard. Travelers can rent it at booths providing surfing service along the beach. The price is different because it is managed privately. “Here, tourists can rent a surfboard ranging from IDR 100,000/hour. If you need a coach service, it will cost at IDR 200,000 per hour,” said Bahari friendly.
According to Bahari, it was very easy to learn to surf. Nevertheless, the success remained to lie in the intention and the ability to practice. When having done it seriously, within only three days people could surely keep a balance and learn to stand up. “Two main conditions required are the ability to swim and have courage,” he said.

Meanwhile, the head of Kuta Beach Task Force, Agung Tresna, said the beach was very ideal for surfing. Even, the beach had frequently hosted some international surfing contests since 1975 to the present. The contests were organized by the Kuta youth community and maintained by Kuta customary village.“Since the beach is known worldwide as one of the best surfing spots, most of the Kuta community began to switch professions from fishermen to become entrepreneurs. They opened art shops, set up accommodations as well as provided massage service, manicure and tattoo including surfing. Now, 80 percent of the income sources from tourism,” he said.

The tourists coming to Kuta are dominated by those from Asia, Australia and China. They have their own ways to enjoy holiday on Kuta Beach. Those who cannot swim normally spend their holidays by showering, playing sand, taking pictures and sunbathing.Meanwhile, the surfing enthusiasts and having the interest to learn to surf will choose Kuta Beach as the main target to practice their surfing. “Most tourists coming to Kuta Beach deliberately learn to surf. Even, those who come are averagely able to surf,” he concluded. (BTN/ocha)