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Regent Gde Agung

Always Make Badung a County with Achievement

Regent Gde AgungA total of 34 athletes of Badung County participated in the National Student Sport Olympic Games (O2SN) in Jakarta on June 15-21. The athletes and coaches involved in the O2SN were officially released by the Regent of Badung, AA Gde Agung, in the Badung Civic Center, Friday (Jun 13). The event was attended by the Head of Badung Education and Sport Agency I Ketut Widia Astika and Chairman of Badung National Sport Committee, Si Putu Raka Arnaya.

Regent Gde Agung said that he was very grateful for the success of the O2SN athletes of Badung in the O2SN of provincial level and then would appear in the national event in Jakarta. The regent admitted that younger generation of Badung did not only have achievement in sport, but also in the field of education. “In fact, our younger generations are those of having outstanding achievement. It has been showed with the results accomplished in the field of sport like in the O2SN, Student Games and Arts (Porsenijar) and education,” said Gde Agung. He also added that such achievement was very encouraging and he expected to keep making the Badung County excellent in all fields.

On that occasion, Regent Gde Agung advised the athletes and coaches to maintain compactness, foster a sense of team as well as maintain prime health. “Government and the community of Badung give their blessing to the athletes and coaches who will compete in the O2SN event. Hopefully, you could bring home the outstanding achievement,” added Gde Agung.
Meanwhile, the Head of Badung Education and Sport Agency, I Ketut Widia Astika, said that the athletes of Badung who went to Jakarta were those who succeeded in the O2SN of Bali Province held last month (May 24-26). The athletes of Badung would participate in 8 branches of sport competed in the O2SN in Jakarta such as the athletics, volleyball, badminton, pencak silat martial arts, karate, swimming, table tennis and floor gymnastics for elementary school.

Elsewhere Widia Astika explained that in the Bali Student Games and Arts event of this year, Badung contingent won the second position both in the sports and the arts. In the field of sports, Badung collected 88 gold, 76 silver and 107 bronze medals with the total score of 775. Meanwhile, in the arts it could achieve 9 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals with the total score of 72. “When compared to the year 2013, the achievement in 2014 is better because the addition of 12 gold medals in sports and 3 gold medals in the arts. One of the Badung athletes selected as the best male athlete for high school level is on behalf of I Putu Doni Permana Putra for volleyball sport branch from SMAN 1 North Kuta,” he explained.

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