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Tourist Object

Twin Lakes Festival

Enjoying the Charms of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan

Twin Lakes Festival  1If you are driving to Northern Bali or Buleleng, you will pass Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Both of these lakes hold a charm that must not be missed. Other than their alluring charm, both of these lakes also play an important role in the many stories and mythologies of the surrounding communities.
The government of Buleleng has therefore starting holding the Twin Lakes Festival. The opening of this years festival was marked with the beating of a gong by the Regent of Buleleng, Putu Agus Suradnyana, who was accompanied by Deputy Regent, Nyoman Sutjidra, Regional Secretary of Buleleng Dewa Ketut Puspaka as well as Chairman of the Buleleng House Gede Supriatna. Hundreds of people attending the opening event which was graced by various dances and other exciting entertainement.


Payogan Agung Temple at Ketewel

The Birth of Legong Kraton

Payogan Agung Temple at Ketewel 1Payogan Agung Temple located at Ketewel customary village, Sukawati, Gianyar, is one of the ancient temples in Bali. It is evidenced by the archeological heritages like lingam and yoni, statue of Lord Shiva or Mahadev and others. Payogan Agung Temple is at the same location as the Agung Jagat Giri Natha Temple.

The Payogan Agung is a universal temple as the sanctum to venerate Lord Pasupati with the title as the Ida Hyang Murtining Jagat. At this temple, there are bronze sanctified effigies (pratima) of Ida Hyang Pasupati, Ida Hyang Brahma Rishi Shiva Budha, Ida Hyang Bhatari Istri Agung, Ida Hyang Bhatara Indra and Ida Hyang Putra Jaya. All these effigies are enthroned in the grand chamber of Payogan Agung Temple.


Charms of the Underwater Parks

Charms of the Underwater ParksMenjangan Island’s marine biota park is very beautiful with its expanse of blue ocean and high seas. Menjangan Island, managed by the West Bali National Park (BTNBB), is not only appealing for its outstanding marine biota but also for its religious tourism. It is no wonder that many domestic and foreign travelers come to this exquisite island.


Barong Artisan at Puaya Hamlet

Made Mudiarsa Passes down Barong Making Expertise

Barong Artisan at Puaya Hamlet 1If you are traveling in Bali you are probably familiar with the Barong Dance. There are however two kinds of baring dance; barong sesuwunan (sacred barong) dance that is performed as a part of Hindu religious ceremonies on the Island of the Gods and the profane Barong Dance specifically performed to entertain travelers. Do you know where and how the barong costume is made?

Puaya hamlet, Batuan village in Sukawati, Gianyar is one of the villages that produces high quality baronsg, and has the atmosphere of a typical Balinese village with very friendly people. The village is located next to the Sukawati Market, about 30 km or 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport..


Alas Kedaton Attraction nominated by Ministry 

Alas Kedaton Attraction nominated by MinistryHaving previously been awarded the Kalpataru certificate, the Alas Kedaton tourist attraction is now eligible to win the Kalpataru trophy from the RI’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Originally Kalpataru received certification on the basis of its management policies related to its forest, trees, water, species of flaura and fauna as well as its socio-economic impact. Now the nature reserve is being proposed as a candidate for the Kalpatary Trophy for 2015, in the category of “rescuer”.  


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