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Tourist Object

Kedangan Temple

A Good Historic Site for Meditation

Kedangan Temple a Good Historic Site for  MeditationTravelers having the spiritual hobby definitely know about the Subak Kedangan Temple. The temple located in the paddy fields of Subak Kedangan, Buruan village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar is famous for its historic attraction. The temple supported by 250 people of Subak Kedangan Buruan and Subak Wanayu has been included in the National Heritage based on the Law No. 5/1992.

Although it is a subak temple, the temple having existed since the past time retains a number of historical heritage objects such as sculpture. There are about 20 types of statue made of stone such as Ganesha statue and statue of Khmer Rouge, Vietnam. “In the past, there was a tourist from the Netherlands who studied the statue said that it has similarities with the statue of Khmer Rouge, Vietnam,” said Jero Mangku Made Sutika.


Yeh Kutikan Beach at Tanah Lot

Yeh Kutikan Beach at Tanah Lot 1If you have more time in Tanah Lot, you must try to walk along in surrounding Tanah Lot area. You will find another beach beside Tanah Lot area that haved ever seen before. That is located in the west side of Batu Mejan beach, exactly close with Surya Mandala Cultural Park Tanah Lot. The beach named "Yeh Kutikan" beach which include to Tanah Lot area. This beach truly never visited by visitor before, not like Tanah Lot. Because of the location is not easy to reach. But you must try to visit this beach because this beach also unique too.  


Special Path for Elderly and Disabled Travelers at Sangeh Attraction

Special Path for Elderly and Disabled Travelers at Sangeh AttractionThe elderly and disabled travelers can now explore the woods and funny monkeys in the Bukit Sari Sangeh tourist attraction. “Management of the Bukit Sari Sangeh attraction is preparing a special track for the elderly and disabled travelers so that they can also feel comfortable when making a visit here,” said Operations Manager of the Sangeh tourist attraction, I Made Sumohon.


Badung Promotes Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourist Village   

Badung Promotes Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourist VillageThe Badung Government through the tourism agency carries out a tourism promotion and marketing of a tourist village. This time the Bongkasa Pertiwi tourism village with a variety of tourist attractions was introduced to international community. “This promotion is made to enable the spread of tourism development between the South Badung and North Badung,” said the Head of the Badung Government Tourism Office, Cok Raka Darmawan, on the sidelines of the event, Friday (Feb. 27). The tourism village introduced was the Bongkasa Pertiwi village in Abiansemal sub-district.


Payangan Traditional Market

A Unique Destination for Travelers to Know Local Crops

Payangan Traditional MarketFor Balinese people, witnessing trading activities at Payangan traditional market may have become a commonplace. However, it may be a different case for foreign travelers. They are very impressed with traditional shopping tradition. And the most memorable, foreign travelers can get to know and learn about a variety of crops sold by Payangan society. “Many travelers visiting the Payangan market just want to see the crops of local farmers,” said the Market Chief, I Wayan Ekajaya.

Payangan traditional market is located in the heart of Payangan subdistrict town, Gianyar, or about 35 km from the city of Denpasar. As tourism path to Kintamani or Ubud, the Payangan market has become an alternative tourist attraction. Travelers usually drop in after a long trip from Kintamani or from Ubud. They get to know the names of fruits and vegetables. “Travelers can see various things here. Just imagine, they eat fruit slices but do not know the name of the fruit. Moreover, they do not know the trees and its habitat. Well, they can learn here through their tour guide,” he explained.


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    During April this year, there are at least three temple ceremonies in three major temples…



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