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A Step Further, Pinge Becomes a Tourism Village

A Step Further Pinge Becomes a Tourism VillagePinge hamlet has a very beautiful natural panorama. The air is cool and comfortable as being free from pollution. Along the country road leading to the hamlet, we can see the neat courtyard, while the neighborhood is clean enough. Each telajakan (public area) is planted with flowers so that butterflies and birds can play and dance intimately in a peaceful rural atmosphere. Afternoon atmosphere will be comfortable. Small animals such as dog-day cicadas give a nuance of beautiful village. ‘Arrogant’ crows of roosters make our journey more comfortable. Then, familiar smile of the locals leads us to a convenient ambience to be here.

Pinge hamlet is about 1 km from the center of Tua village office, about 8 km from the Marga subdistrict town or 18 km from Tabanan town. The village is located at an altitude of 500-750 meters above sea level with a relatively flat topography and fertile land suitable for farming rice and vegetables. It has a number of unique cultural potential. There is Natar Jemeng temple that stores some objects of the archaeological heritage in the form of Ganesha statue, lingam-yoni and Kiranti with the status as cultural heritage. At this hamlet lie some temples such as the Subak Pinge temple, Puseh temple, Penataran temple, Melanting temple and Dalem temple. This reflects if the hamlet has had high civilization. It is said, the Jemeng temple was the origin of Pinge hamlet.

House of local residents is built in a row facing the road, where each is restricted by a compound wall and angkul-angkul (traditional gates). On average, each house compound has some buildings such as the bale daja (northern pavilion), bale dangin (eastern pavilion) and other buildings that have function associated with the local traditions and customs. Another unique element is that each house compound has a connecting door to adjacent neighbor. It is intended to maintain the familial relationship and togetherness. On that account, it is natural if Pinge hamlet was named the second winner in the Balinese Customary Village Competition in 1982 and third winner in 2006.

All the achievements and uniqueness can be used as initial cornerstone to make Pinge hamlet a tourism village. At least, it is the hope of Pinge hamlet. Currently, the Pinge hamlet is still classified into as a tourist object and attraction that has not developed yet. Every day, this village is averagely visited by 10 to 20 tourists from Europe, Taiwan and Japan. So far, the travelers passing through the Pinge hamlet become an integral part in the itinerary of Jatiluwih and Bedugul tour package. In this package, there are walking, hiking and tracking tours. “Departing from this excellence, we want to realize Pinge as a tourism village,” said Anak Agung Ketut, a member of the tourism village management board.

To that end, he added, the management and local village leaders made an effort in order the Pinge hamlet could soon become a tourism village. One of them was by bringing in a world tourism figure, Anak Agung Prana. This senior figure of Mengwi Palace shared and provided tips for building a rustic destination with a strong spiritual nuance. Agung Prana said that Pinge had potential to become a tourism village. The village had the culture of rural life, music, sacred dance and offerings as well as religious life engendering authentic uniqueness. “It is this kind of atmosphere desired by Westerners as a tourist destination,” he said. (BTN/015)

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