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Tampaksiring Village Lures the Heart of Hashers from 21 Countries

Tampaksiring Village Lures the Heart of Hashers from 21 CountriesThousands of participants of the Hash House Harriers (HHH) enlivened the international event in a series of the Wonderful Adventure Indonesia Asia-Pacific (WAI: ASPAC) 2014. The event inaugurated by the First Assistant to Regional Secretary of Gianyar, Cokorda Gde Rai Widiarsa P, was centralized in the parking area of Tirta Empul Temple, Tampaksiring, Saturday (May 10) followed by more than 21 countries.

The HHH is a recreational sport activity in the form of strolling and running pursuant to the instructions of the paper trails distributed or the sprinkling of flour within a certain distance. The location chosen was in the unspoiled area including the rural areas, rice fields, hills or rural roads area. The route of the WAI: ASPAC 2014 is divided into three categories. They are short distance along 5 km, starting from the parking lot towards the Tirta Empul Temple leading to Basang Ambu village, Pucak Tegeh Tengah at Manukaya hamlet, Tampaksiring subdistrict and back to the beginning.

The medium category has the distance of 7 km and long category covered a distance of 10 km, starting from parking lot at of Tirta Empul Temple leading to Basang Ambu, Manukaya Anyar, Tampaksiring subdistrict, continued to Calo hamlet, Pupuan village, Gunung Kawi Temple at Sebatu village, Tegallalang subdistrict and is back to the parking lot at Tirta Empul Temple.
The coordinator, Murugan, from Malaysia, said that the event always continued, from Bali to Komodo Island and Papua New Guinea. The Malaysian participant could be more than 1,000 people. Participants were greeted with a variety of cultural performances like bleganjur and joged bumbung as well as a welcome drink. “Participants mingle with a friendly atmosphere,” he said.

Cok Rai said the activity involving 21 countries was attended by 1,983 participants. The HHH was a means of friendship, hobbies, sports and media of nature lovers. The number of country involved was a pride for the Gianyar as a host. “The HHH can be used as a tourism promotion event of Gianyar,” he said.
Similar opinion was disclosed by the Head of Gianyar Government Tourism Office, AA Ari Brahmanta that the HHH event could serve as promotion of tourism and cross-sectoral in Gianyar. In the future, such kind of event would be always optimized so that local residents could also enjoy the results. “At that time, the local people can introduce a variety of cultural activities,” he said.

If such activity was routinely implemented, added Ari Brahmanta, it could possibly develop and optimize the tourism village. The participants could stay at the accommodation as well as a variety of houses. Moreover, the event took place for more than 4 days. (BTN/015)

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